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4:30pm, studio 4. Sheila’s class is about to start. It was a pretty small class today, less than ten of us, so we had plenty of room to do our warm-up, unlike Monday which was unusually crowded for a Monday. … Continue reading

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“We’re Looking for the next Snooki.”

Yoga is one of the best ways to start the day. I mean after getting up at 6:45, packing enough dance clothes and work clothes to make it through the day, taking the 12 bus, the 4 train, the shuttle, … Continue reading

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“CT got Swagga!”

I took my first hip hop class with Leslie Feliciano today. I loved it! Leslie’s style was really awesome, it wasn’t too hard for me to pick up on because he broke down the stylized steps really well (he taught … Continue reading

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