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Rockette Experience (Part 1)

My alarm went off at 6:45 am this morning. I took my time getting ready, pinning back my bangs and packing my bag for the day. I made sure I had my heels and my tap shoes since today was … Continue reading

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Theater, and Wavin, and Tap, Oh my!

This week was my “branching out” week at BDC. I’d gotten pretty comfortable in jazz with Sheila, ballet with Beth, and jazz funk with Chio, so I figured it was time to try some new stuff, because there’s no challenge … Continue reading

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4:30pm, studio 4. Sheila’s class is about to start. It was a pretty small class today, less than ten of us, so we had plenty of room to do our warm-up, unlike Monday which was unusually crowded for a Monday. … Continue reading

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“We’re Looking for the next Snooki.”

Yoga is one of the best ways to start the day. I mean after getting up at 6:45, packing enough dance clothes and work clothes to make it through the day, taking the 12 bus, the 4 train, the shuttle, … Continue reading

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“CT got Swagga!”

I took my first hip hop class with Leslie Feliciano today. I loved it! Leslie’s style was really awesome, it wasn’t too hard for me to pick up on because he broke down the stylized steps really well (he taught … Continue reading

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“Good Morning, White People.”

Time for the two-week recap. Get to know all the interns living in the house? Check. Learn the subway system (well enough to get to work and back)? Check. Not get lost? Check…oh no wait… Learn how to navigate our … Continue reading

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