My Life as an Elf

First of all, if you’ve never been to, you need to get out from under your rock and join in the Christmas fun. It’s super easy and super hysterical. Only, when you do it, don’t be lame and upload cute pictures where everyone is smiling. You want the most grotesque, embarrassing photos you can find. Also, if you are in any of the following places you will not want to Elf Yourself because it will cause uncontrollable laughter which would probably be inappropriate and/or get you in trouble.

1) Work

2) The Library

3) Class

That being said…be prepared for a long post, because it encapsulates weeks of material that I wasn’t allowed to share until now…but it’s good stuff, I swear.

So, this whole adventure starts weeks ago, when April asked me if I wanted to be a dancing elf. To which I replied, “Do you even have to ask?!”

For the next few weeks we had four rehearsals at BDC. The choreographer was Jim Cooney, who did an amazing job managing all 65 elves in one room. We learned the four-minute dance in an hour and a half on the first day and from then on it was clean, clean, clean.

The dance had five sections: hip-hop (or what was called hip hop, it wasn’t really hip-hop), Hawaiian (which was more like 60’s), disco, country, and 80’s. The game plan was to perform at the New York Stock Exchange the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. First, a group of elves would ring the closing bell, then the rest of us would take to the floor and surprise all the stock guys. In the stock exchange, there would be four groups: bell ringers, Hawaiian dancers, hip-hop dancers, and singers. Each group would have a section of the floor to do their dance. We weren’t allowed to use our music inside because all the different news stations do their broadcast from there, and they can’t have music playing in the background. Instead, the Hawaiian elves had live ukuleles, the hip-hop dancers had a beat boxer, and the singers…well they sang, duh.

Mitchell and I in our Elf Gear!

After hours of rehearsal, the big day was upon us. We went through security at the NYSE and were handed our costumes. As soon as I buttoned up that velvet costume, donned my elf hat, and slipped into my green elf shoes, I was in full character. We waited eagerly for the closing bell, then were given the green light from one of the NYSE staff to walk (running is not allowed in the stock exchange for fear of causing mass chaos) onto the floor!

I gave high fives all around and had an absolute blast performing on the floor! There were cameras everywhere; I even managed to make it onto! Supposedly we were on the news as well, but as I was dancing, I didn’t see that. The elves who rang the closing bell definitely got air time, but they didn’t get to dance. As you’ll see, I did eventually get on TV…but more on that later!

Dancing outside

After the group dances on the stock exchange floor, we walked to the doors then ran out onto Wall Street! Passerby were stopped dead in their tracks as 65 elves stormed the street running, jumping, yelling, hollering, skipping, heel-clicking, kicking, and spinning. When April, who was the last one out, was in place, the music started and we broke into our full four-minute routine!

The best part was, my parents and sister were there since they were picking me up to go home for Thanksgiving, so they got to see me in all my elf-ish glory. The worst part was, after dancing for four minutes in velvet, I was a sweaty mess. The first thing I did when I got back inside was strip off that costume, only to be told we were doing the dance again.

So, still huffing and puffing, the elves ran back outside for take two! I guess the videographers just wanted more footage to choose from? And there were supposed to be people holding signs that said “Elf Yourself” that weren’t there the first time. After the second dance I was, if possible, even more disgusting, and so happy to be out of my costume, even though I did love it.

Here’s the video my sister got! It’s the country and the 80’s section. Also, you may notice I am the only elf without a partner. That is because my partner missed a rehearsal and was kicked out last minute leaving an odd number of elves. Just my luck.

Thought that was it, did ya?


After a weekend of turkey and pie, I got back to the Bronx Sunday evening. This morning, my alarm went off at 4 am, I was on the D train by 5, and heading into Double Tree Suites at 5:45am to suit up for Elf-ing Round II on Fox and Friends!

At 6:30am we were outside the studio in the cold. I was super excited to dance and super excited to not be sweaty (I’d so much rather be cold!). We filmed a couple of teasers then it was time for the real thing! The anchors came out on the plaza with us and tried to do our choreography…tried being the operative word there. Here’s some clips from the show…look for me!

I tried to keep telling him what step was next…but I don’t know how much good it did! There’s another video on Fox’s website here that I couldn’t figure out how to embed, but just click the link!

When we got back to the hotel room I had missed calls and several texts saying that people had seen me on TV! I’m famous! Sadly though, today I had to hang up my Elf costume for the year. It was a good run though. Lots of fun!

A huge round of applause to April, Jim, the dance captains, and all the elves!

This weekend the fun continues with my gig as a Rockette Assistant! Definitely really excited and nervous!

Hope everyone had as filling a Thanksgiving as I did. I know I have a lot to be thankful for!

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It’s the Holiday Season in NYC!

Such a fun-filled day! It’s my first weekend actually in the Bronx in a while (I always seem to be away visiting someone!) so I decided I wanted to do something festive!

So we went ice skating at Rockefeller! Katie, Monica, and I got up early and made our way downtown where we rented and laced up our skates. As soon as the ice was cleared after the session before us, we were off! I was a little rusty at first, but I managed not to fall the entire hour and a half we were allowed to skate!

There was a huge audience all around the rink above us, and the rink is surrounded by restaurants all with floor to ceiling windows, allowing the diners to watch the skaters. Mostly it’s probably very entertaining as there was a good amount of slipping and falling going on, but there was the occasional talented skater like the three girls at center ice who kept whipping out jumps and impressing everyone. I was content simply to glide around the ice trying to ignore the gathering crowd as it got busier later in the day.

About twenty minutes into our session the girls and I were taking a break and standing by the wall when someone glided past. I did a double-take.

“Uh…that was the girl from Gilmore Girls!”


“Either that, or it’s her identical twin.”

Sure enough, the next time the girl made it around the rink there was no denying it…Alexis Bledel was skating at Rockefeller just inches from us! What’s more, she was hand in hand with Saorise Ronan who you’d probably recognize from The Lovely Bones. The girls were both just as pretty in real life as on TV or in the movies, and Alexis had the most ridiculously blue-green eyes I’ve ever seen!

I was really surprised that they just skated around in rented skates like everyone else! No one bothered them for pictures or autographs, which I’m sure they were grateful for. As much as I wanted to say hello or get a picture, we knew they just wanted to enjoy ice skating like everyone else. Plus I’m not sure how many people noticed who they were and I didn’t want to draw attention to them since they were obviously trying to keep a low profile. I did manage to take a couple of pictures from a distance without being too creepy…I had to prove I’d seen them!

After our double celebrity sighting, we finished out our ice skating session trying not to stare too much, while also trying not to fall. At two o’clock, we returned our skates and headed down fifth avenue.

There were so many decorations for the holidays! Every shop seemed to be coated in lights and advertising the latest greatest holiday gifts. We couldn’t help but admire some of the stunning jewelery in the windows.

Our last stop of the day was F.A.O Schwartz! The store was just as I remembered it when I went ages ago when I was younger. Loaded with toys and completely overwhelming (in a good way!). The girls and I made a pit stop in the candy section and I had to resist the urge to buy both Oreo and Peppermint Bark. I couldn’t hold strong for long though, because my will power ran out when we found the bakery stocked with cupcakes, scones, donuts, and muffins from Crumbs bakery. We simply had to get a cupcake so each of us got Red Velvet which was amazing.

After devouring our cupcakes we burned off some calories on The Big Piano on the second floor!We did look a little silly since we were definitely the only ones over the age of eight playing on the piano, but it was totally worth it! Did you know you can buy your own Big Piano for like $2,500? How awesome would that be to have in your house!?

After our holiday festivities, Katie and I had to get back to the house to do some grocery shopping! Every other Sunday someone in the house cooks dinner for everyone else and this week Katie and I were taking on the challenge. I have to give credit to my Aunt Marisa for her amazing lasagna recipe she gave me! I only had to make one modification which was to make only half the lasagna withΒ  meat sauce, and the other half with sauce and green peppers for our house vegetarians.

I also must say that I was inspired by Katherine, my friend in Italy who recently posted a cooking video on her blog here! So, Katie and I decided to document our efforts, and here they are for you to enjoy!

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Dear Woman on the D Train

Dear Woman on the D Train,

I don’t know if you noticed me today, but I rode the D train with you from 59th to your stop on Tremont Ave. I was the one standing in the middle of the car, reading Sea Glass, but I doubt you noticed.

But that’s alright, I mean I didn’t notice you either at first. You were seated, I was busy trying to hook the pole with my elbow (don’t want to put my hands on it…flu season and all) while keeping my nose in my book. I registered in the back of my mind that I had trod on something crunchy but I didn’t think much of it.

We passed 145th, no issues. At 125th you got a little nervous. Looked like you weren’t sure if 125th was your stop? You stood up, and I took your seat (I did take two dance classes today so sitting was a relief). You second guessed yourself however, and re-seated yourself next to me.

It was then that my nostrils began to twitch and little warning bells went off in my head. I pulled my eyes away from the pages of Anita Shreve’s fine literature and took in a terrible sight.

A bag of peanuts. Your long finger-nailed hands digging in the bag stirring up a little cloud of peanut-y dust. With horror I realized what the crunching beneath my feet had been. My eyes drifted downward and confirmed my fear…the train was positively littered with peanut shells.

Your peanut shells.

Gross, yes. You are not at a baseball game.

Beyond that is the fact that I happen to be deathly allergic to nuts of all forms, including peanuts. My throat wanted to close up just looking at the mess surrounding me. My survival instincts were telling me to run as far as I could from you and your salty peanut fingers, but there was no where to run! The train was full to the brim making mobility all but impossible.

I suffered through the rest of the ride until Tremont Ave, hiding behind my book and probably pushing into the person to my left a little too much for their comfort, but given the choice between getting a little up close and personal and a trip to the emergency room, I’ll take making new friends. Even after you made your departure the peanut smell lingered and the shells were scattered around my feet to remind me of the looming danger.

At my stop I quickly exited the train. It wasn’t until I took a deep inhale of the air in the station (which is pretty damp and gross to tell the truth) that I realized I’d been hardly breathing for fear of slipping into anaphylactic shock.

So, Woman on the D Train, next time you feel the need to bring your salty snack aboard the train with you, please be considerate. I can say with 97.6% certainty that I am not the only person in New York City with an allergy to peanuts and though we are in the minority, we would greatly appreciate it if you enjoyed your snack without endangering our lives. Maybe bring a second bag for your shells? That would be lovely, thanks.

Even besides that, common courtesy! The D train may not be exactly spic and span but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to make it worse!

Anyway, Woman on the D Train, I wish I could say it was a pleasure sharing a ride with you, but seeing as I feared for my life a good majority of our time together, that would be a lie.

Needing a bath of hand-sanitizer,


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Sheryl Murkami’s class is fierce. I’ve taken it a few times now…so I’m starting to get the hang of her style. Today we brought back the first ever routine I did with her, to Maniac by Girlicious. The choreography came back fairly easily and I was able to really focus on the intensity that Sheryl was looking for.

When we split up into groups, I noticed Sheryl watching me doing the choreography.

“Work it, purple! YES!”

Purple? What…wait…I was wearing purple! In a class of well over 50 people, I couldn’t believe I’d been noticed! Now, as we all remember, I don’t usually respond well when singled out. I tend to forget whatever I’m doing and revert to stumbling around aimlessly for the remainder of the choreography.

Miraculously though, I did not flounder. I kept my head even with SherylΒ  standing right in front of me, shouting encouragement, and managed not only to finish the choreography, but to do it well enough to earn a smile and another “YES!” at the end.

The fun wasn’t over yet though, at the end of class Sheryl usually picks out a few dancers she thinks did well to do the choreography in front of the class.

I was one of them!

Sheryl picked out me and two other girls and set us up in the middle of the room. The entire rest of the class sat with their backs to the mirror and Sheryl aimed her camera at us as the music started again. No pressure or anything!

But again, somehow, I managed to remember all the choreography and actually do it well! I was so elated I barely managed to tell Mitchell after class that “sherylpulledmeouttodoherchoreographyattheendofclass!” He pretty much summed it up with, “Werkkkkk!”

I’d never been pulled out to do choreography in a class at BDC before today, so I’d say this was a big step in the right direction! The video will hopefully be posted soon, at which point I’ll put up a link to it on here. Stay tuned!

Even after Sheryl’s class my awesome day wasn’t over. Some of the girls in the house went out to dinner for one of the girl’s 21st birthday! We went to Josie’s which was so delicious and to Pinkberry for dessert. I fell in love with Pinkberry…a frozen treat that’s actually not going to undo all the dancing I did all day? Sign me up.

My night out with the girls was wrapped up with a long ride on the subway back to the Bronx.

Time for some sleep so I can werkkk tomorrow!

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Always Look Forward

I got my first little sip of rejection today when I found out I hadn’t been picked to do a promotional event for Brides Magazine. Now, it’s not like my world is falling apart, or I’m crushed because I wasn’t picked, but yeah, it stinks. Admittedly I really just wanted to wear a bridal gown all day and play dress up, but the $100 payment sounded pretty good too!

When I realized I hadn’t gotten the congratulatory email, I was bummed, but I quickly found the silver lining. I realized I wouldn’t have to squeeze into a size four dress on Monday and celebrated by downing half a bag of pretzels and dipping them in frosting as my dinner πŸ™‚

On another brighter note, one of the girls in the house is one of 25 girls who did get the gig, so we spent some time looking through the bridal collection online and hoping she’d get to wear a long dress!

This all made me realize though, imagine a professional dancer’s career, when he or she is auditioning for jobs to pay the rent, not just because they sound fun (which is what I’m doing now). Rejection has to hurt more when the stakes are higher and it has to come more often if only because auditions are more frequent.

Being a dancer requires some tough skin. Especially in a commercial industry where you are so often judged on your appearance. For example, the Bride gig decision was made based on height, weight, and a photo. When you’re not picked for a job like this, it’s especially important to brush it off because there is simply nothing you could have done differently to get the job. It’s not like an interview where you could have answered a question better, or an audition where you could have nailed the choreography even harder.

You won’t be right for every job.

Not everyone will think you’re a good dancer.

Not everyone will dig your style.

Not everyone will like you.

The sooner I learn those things, the better. Because in real life it won’t be fun promotional things you get rejected from, it’ll be real jobs with real salaries, that will be really important.

Rejection can’t be seen as rejection; it’s a lost opportunity for whoever has turned you away. They won’t get the pleasure of working with you. It’s time to focus your energy on the next opportunity coming your way. Looking back does you no good, always look forward.

And what am I looking forward to now? I can’t give anything away, but rehearsal starts tomorrow! Stay tuned for a video of this upcoming performance probably around Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

**Also, it was brought to my attention the video in my last post (Regis and Kelly) didn’t work! It’s been fixed now, so feel free to go back and enjoy that :)**

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Regis and Kelly, Live!

Did you miss it? Pause at 9 seconds…then again at 14 seconds…

Did you see me?! No? Well I mean you have to pause it, because if you don’t it happens way too fast.

But, I don’t care! I was on TV! Woo!

Today’s assignment from April? Go see the Regis and Kelly Show with Mitchell (April’s other intern). And while we’re at it, try to say “Broadway Dance Center!” on TV. Well, given our limited air time, we were unsuccessful in that endeavor, but we did spend a good half hour chatting about classes at BDC while amidst the anxiously waiting audience who may have overheard…does that count?

Up at 6am, out the door by 7am, waiting in line at 8am, and the show aired at 9am! When the audience was seated, the executive producer spent a few minutes going over how to clap loudly (I kid you not…apparently it’s all in the speed of the claps, not the intensity), when to clap loudly, and appropriate responses to other things that would happen during the show. As Regis and Kelly made their entrance the producer signaled for wild applause! He needn’t have asked twice, some women were a little too excited to be there (note woman in red in above video clip).

Mitchell and I lucked out with front row seats right in front of the cooking station so we were in the prime location to smell the tantalizing aromas of Cat Cora’s sweet potatoes…with a twist!

Our seats also allowed us to get really up close and personal with Regis and Kelly who made a point to wander around the audience during commercial breaks. Regis even came and shook our hands!

Regis opening his present from a fan: chocolates..."Don't tell Kelly!"

The guest stars today were Rosario Dawson and Jason Schwartzman both of whom were very fun, energetic guests. Rosario has a new movie coming out called Unstoppable which looks wicked intense. They showed a 30 second clip and I was totally hooked!

What a fun way to start the day…and now I can say I’ve been to a live TV taping!

After smelling sweet potatoes Mitchell and I were famished so we made a stop at Dunkin Donuts (YES, THEY HAD VANILLA KREME! I got two), and McDonald’s for Mitchell. Then it was back to BDC for Tracie, Chris, and Germaine’s classes.

Today, I took advanced beginner tap (which is like level three…after basic and beginner) and I actually didn’t suck! I managed to follow the steps and that’s saying something considering the woman who gave me the Rockette job was also there taking class and watching my every move…no pressure or anything! It was very satisfying to hear my taps hitting every sound in the combination…Radio City here I come!

**Side note…all you people who tell me you read my blog…and I know you are because I can see how many views each post gets…make some comments once in a while! No one wants to hear me ramble on for so long…add your two cents! I love getting comments and it’s not as exciting when it’s from my mom and dad (just kidding Mom and Dad…love you!)**

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All treats, no tricks!




The festivities began with work on Friday where all the staff was dressed up. There were some really creative costumes, but my favorite was Reese who was dressed up as Dee, one of our maintenance staff who is greatly loved by everyone. He thought of everything and everyone knew instantly who he was! Dee paraded around the studio with him to show off his costume hahaha, she loved it!

Other costumes from work included a Broadway Wannabe, Maude the Bowling Viking (from the Big Lebowski), Pocahontas, a vampire, Wednesday (from the Addams family), and Nemo!

After work on Friday I jumped on the Metro-North, stopped home for dinner, then drove two hours up to my college in MA! By 7:30 I was on campus and so excited to be back. Halloween is a big deal up there and everyone gets dressed up for Friday and Saturday night. I was staying with my friend Shannon who lives in a suite in the brand new dorm on campus with a bunch of her friends (who are my new friends after this weekend!). On Friday, they were a S.W.A.T team:

And I was a tourist!

Lost and asking for every tourist in NYC!

The fanny pack I wore that night was dangerously convenient. Seriously, those things should be in style. It was so great to have my camera, my phone, my chapstick, my ID and my EpiPen all readily accessible without having to carry a wristlet or a purse all night! I wanted to wear it again on Saturday but Shannon wouldn’t let me. The other highlight of Friday night was getting mozzarella sticks on campus which are my favorite late night snack…I missed those mozz stix.

Saturday morning myself, Shannon and another friend from school got up early (way too early) and drove into Salem, MA for the day! It was totally worth the lack of sleep though.

We walked around the tourist area seeing the costumes and browsing through all the stores selling Halloween and Witch-y paraphernalia. By the end of the day the streets were totally packed! I couldn’t even imagine how crazy it’d be at night!

The coolest part of the day was when we stopped at a store called Hex to get psychic readings! We went in one at a time for fifteen minutes each and the psychic flipped tarot cards and interpreted them for us. It was definitely really cool. I was actually very impressed with the reading and the accuracy of everything she said. It was cool that things she said clicked in my head, even things that I hadn’t realized I was going through or feeling made sense when she explained them and put them into context. It was also cool that, when we were comparing notes after, the three of us got a lot of the same tarot cards, but they meant different things for each of us. Overall my fortune is looking pretty good! She said in the long run I could look forward to a “good partner, financial security and inner peace.” Sounds good to me!

Before we left Salem I made sure we stopped at Rita’s! I’d never seen one near school and Shannon had never been to one before. It’s one of my favorite summer treats and even though it was pretty cold out we indulged in gelati’s, ice, and a blendini!

After a nap in the car on the way back to school we were ready for night #2! This also meant that Laurie would be visiting! Laurie came to visit the weekend I went to Canal street, and she’s studying in D.C. for the semester. The reason I came to visit school on Halloween weekend was because she was!

Saturday, the girls in the suite were the seven (or six, technically) dwarfs, and Laurie was Snow White.

And I was a chef!

My hat looked sort of like a beret though, oh well. People got it.

The whole weekend was absolutely so much fun. I was nervous coming back to school after having so much fun in NYC. I was worried school would be different, that it wouldn’t be the same, and that it would make me dread coming back in January. I should have known that this would never happen! Shannon made sure that I met all the new friends she’s made this year and they were all so nice, welcoming, and a lot of fun. I couldn’t stop smiling all weekend and by Sunday I didn’t want to leave! I know that this weekend was a teaser trailer of what Spring semester will be like, only even better because all our abroad friends will be back too! Now I can finish out my last two months in NYC knowing what fun awaits when I’m back to school in January πŸ™‚

Sunday morning I pulled away from campus by 11:30am eagerly thinking of when I’d be back to see all the new friends I made during the weekend.

On the way home I couldn’t resist stopping at Joey’s school to surprise him. I drove by his exit on the way up and I just couldn’t go by knowing I was so near him without stopping! He was very surprised and happy to see me!

Thanks to everyone who I saw this weekend: my friends, my dance team girls, and all the girls in the suite, for making the weekend so great! And a special thanks to Shannon for playing host and letting me use her shampoo πŸ™‚

Me, Shannon, and Laurie!


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Valuing those Zzz’s

The past few days I’m come to realize how over-tired I am. I’ve been going to bed at a decent hour and getting up at a normal time, but the 6-7 hours of “sleep” I’ve been getting is the tossing and turning type. Not very restful.

Therefore, I’ve come to value my hour and a half commute in the mornings as resting time. Particularly on the 4 train. Usually I use my time on the 4 train do some solid reading, but lately my eyes haven’t been able to stay open for more than a page at a time, so I’ve changed tactics.

“There is a Manhattan-bound 4 train, approaching the station…”

Here’s the thing with the 4 train. Everyone’s in the same boat. Once you get on, everyone’s either: reading, zoned out with the iPod, or sleeping…their last hour of rest before the work day.

“The next stop is, 183rd street…”

Since my stop is pretty near the beginning of the train’s route, I can almost always get a seat right away.

“Stand clear of the closing doors, please.”

I take my seat, pop in my ear-buds, and drift away to my “recently added” playlist (which is well updated thanks to all the new jams I’m hearing at BDC).

Sounds pretty nice right? Right.

Except when rowdy middle school students happen to board the train.

This morning during the chorus of “Breathe Again,” a large group of kids, apparently going on a field trip or something…stampeded into the train. Apparently they don’t know how we do things on the 4 train prior to 10am. It’s quiet time. iPod time. Newspaper, novel, or Kindle time.

My eyes jerked open as the kids yelled to each other from either end of the train. The old woman text to me looked incredulous. She glanced at me and we exchanged looks of exasperation. These hoodlums ruining our ride on the 4 train! Who do they think they are?

Cue work day: 1-3 dance classes, 4 hours in the office, errands running all over Manhattan, then usually around 6 (but lately more like 7 or 7:30) I head home to the Bronx for the night. By the time I’m locking the door behind me I just want to shower, eat, and go to bed.

As I write this, it’s 9:30pm and I want nothing more than to turn off my lights, get in my pajamas and curl up in my bed with its freshly laundered sheets.

It’s 9:30!

I used to scoff at my parents for these kind of antics.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go put my dentures in some Polident, kick off my orthodics and get some sleep!


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Central Park

Joey was here this weekend! We spent the day Saturday in Central Park because it was absolutely beautiful out and I’m afraid there’s not many more days like that left! First we headed over to Mike’s Deli in the Arthur Ave market. The market is like a real Italian market! There were barrels of olives, hundreds of kinds of cheese, produce, a bakery, a butcher, and of course, the deli. We didn’t even see all of the market because we were eager to eat!

Sandwiches in tow, we hopped on the 4 train and made our way to Central Park. The park was packed with other people enjoying the weather or walking their dogs. Joey and I found a nice spot and settled down to enjoy our sandwiches! They were totally worth the wait to get them. Packed with freshly sliced turkey, homemade fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar, and salt and pepper! So yummy! They were the perfect meal for a picnic in the park πŸ™‚

After our lunch, Joey and I walked all the way down the park to the southwest corner. We passed some of the famous statues in the park as well as some brides, ducks, street performers, a baby doing a photo-shoot, several horse-drawn carriages, and some lovely fall foliage!

It was so nice to take a break from the urban style of the city. The air felt fresher and the grass was radiantly green! It would’ve almost been possible to forget you were in the middle of New York had it not been for the huge buildings looming behind the trees.

The difference between the park and the rest of the city was even more stark when we left through the southwest gates and boarded the C train so I could show Joey my favorite lunch spot: The Bread Factory. We got some mixed berry cobbler (so good!) and hot chocolate then it was time to head back to the Bronx.

Tonight, my parents stopped by on the way back from their visit with my sister for her school’s parents weekend in New Jersey. My mom brought banana bread and apple cake!! THANKS MOM! We went out to dinner at Emilia’s, another restaurant on the infamous Arthur Ave. Per the norm, I over-ate and am still sitting here, stuffed to the brim after my parents and Joey made their way back to CT.

Another busy week coming up…and next weekend? It’s back to my college in MA for Halloween festivities! I can’t wait to see everyone there! πŸ™‚

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Oreo Brownies

What to do today on my day off before Joey gets here? Well after a few minutes on Stumble, I had my answer.

Oreo Brownies.

I found this recipe online and began drooling just looking at the pictures! Within fifteen minutes I was at the grocery store on Arthur Ave stocking up on all the necessities.

I did pretty much exactly what the recipe called for except I used Half and Half double stuff Oreos instead of regular single stuff, and I used a round pan instead of square because that’s all I could find in the kitchen.

Layer of brownie mix, layer of Oreos

Second layer of brownie mix...and into the oven!


After 45 minutes…

As much as I wanted to just dig in right then, I waited twenty minutes for the brownies to cool and I was handsomely rewarded!


Add a tall glass of milk and I was a happy camper.

Oreo brownies, milk, pajamas and spongebob. Great Friday afternoon.

A few minutes later, one of the girls came downstairs. She said she knew I was baking because my door was open and it smelled like cookies in the house! She gave the brownies two thumbs up as well πŸ™‚ After I went back upstairs one of the guys poked his head in to say “Meredith! It smells so good!” Good thing I made a big pan of them, some for everyone! I highly recommend trying the recipe…it was super easy to make and delicious!!!

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