Cheat Sheet

Since this blog is a bit like a journal, I don’t often go back and explain who people/places are. So if you’re new and you’re a bit confused…here’s a cheat sheet!

Q: Where are you?

A: I’m living in the Bronx, and working in Manhattan in New York City!


Q: How long are you there for?

A: I’m only spending one semester (September-December 2010) in NYC, then it’s back to MA to finish my junior year of college in the spring.


Q: What are you doing in the city?

A: I’m interning at Broadway Dance Center (called BDC through most posts), working for April in the PR department. I’m a multi-disciplinary major studying dance and business, which is a fancy way of saying I made up my own major! My office hours count for 2/3 of my internship credit, and the other 1/3 comes from the spectacular dance training I’m receiving through taking class at BDC every week!



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