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Chocolate Heaven and David Letterman

Last night, the program that helped the interns find their internships took us all out to for dessert to celebrate the end (is it already that time!?) of the semester. Everyone was going and it was free dessert…I was obviously … Continue reading

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It’s the Holiday Season in NYC!

Such a fun-filled day! It’s my first weekend actually in the Bronx in a while (I always seem to be away visiting someone!) so I decided I wanted to do something festive! So we went ice skating at Rockefeller! Katie, … Continue reading

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Dear Woman on the D Train

Dear Woman on the D Train, I don’t know if you noticed me today, but I rode the D train with you from 59th to your stop on Tremont Ave. I was the one standing in the middle of the … Continue reading

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Central Park

Joey was here this weekend! We spent the day Saturday in Central Park because it was absolutely beautiful out and I’m afraid there’s not many more days like that left! First we headed over to Mike’s Deli in the Arthur … Continue reading

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Oreo Brownies

What to do today on my day off before Joey gets here? Well after a few minutes on Stumble, I had my answer. Oreo Brownies. I found this recipe online and began drooling just looking at the pictures! Within fifteen … Continue reading

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The diversity of BDC makes it worldly. It would be unusual to have a class of all American students. Actually, I’d say it’d be nearly impossible. The downside of having so many friendly and outgoing visitors from overseas is the … Continue reading

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Canal Street and Little Italy

“Gucci? Prada? Coach?” These are the whispers I had to ignore when I first arrived at Canal Street. I wasn’t there to shop quite yet, I was waiting for my friend from DC to arrive! While I waited for her … Continue reading

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