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Resolving to write in 2011!

I’ve Moved!

Hi, everyone. Just wanted to share that since I ended my New York semester, I’ve started up a new blog! If you liked reading me here, you should check it out over at: MMWords. Peace 🙂 Advertisements

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It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

Well, I’m on the way home with my dad and Joey. Car is about ready to burst with all my stuff. Why is it that whenever you come back from somewhere your stuff seems to have multiplied beyond reason? It’s … Continue reading

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BDC’s ProSem Showcase

Broadway Dance Center has several super programs. The training program, the summer intern program, international student visa program and the professional semester are just a few. In my four months at BDC I’ve met a lot of the students in … Continue reading

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West Side Story

As promised, here’s the post about the rest of my Saturday after the Rockette Experience in the morning! After the workshop, I called up my friend Matt who was coming in to the city for the day with a few … Continue reading

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Rockette Experience (part 2)

Yesterday was such a long day, I’m breaking it into two posts. So stay tuned for another post later today! But I’ll start off with my second weekend working as a Rockette Assistant at Radio City! After last weekend, Barbara … Continue reading

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Chocolate Heaven and David Letterman

Last night, the program that helped the interns find their internships took us all out to for dessert to celebrate the end (is it already that time!?) of the semester. Everyone was going and it was free dessert…I was obviously … Continue reading

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A Very Ugly Weekend

This weekend, my sister, Michelle (aka Ugly…don’t ask) came to visit. I patiently waited at Penn Station early Friday morning. When I met my sister, I gave her an obnoxious hug and when I pulled away we said together, “I’m … Continue reading

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