BDC’s ProSem Showcase

Broadway Dance Center has several super programs. The training program, the summer intern program, international student visa program and the professional semester are just a few. In my four months at BDC I’ve met a lot of the students in programs and they always have amazing things to say about their experience. I take class with students in these programs daily and they’re all stunningly talented. I’ve also gotten to know a few of the students in the programs and I can say that they are not only dedicated dancers, but really kind people as well.

Tonight was the holiday showcase for BDC’s Professional Semester (ProSem) students. Their program ends this month and the showcase is an opportunity for them to perform both their work and the choreography of faculty at BDC. I wasn’t planning on going to the showcase, even though I wanted to, because I’d heard it was sold out. I was informed however, that because I was staff (look at me, part of the staff) I didn’t need a ticket and could just come!

So after class, I ran out to get some white paint (of course I ran out mid-project), then made my way back to 42nd Street Studios where the showcase was being held.

I managed to get one of the last seats in the audience and eagerly awaited the start of the show.

From start to finish, I was absolutely blown away. The eighteen students in BDC’s first semester of the Professional Semester were beautifully trained and wonderfully talented. I loved that the showcase allowed the students to perform their own choreography and it was so exciting to see the students I dance with every day performing their own work for the sold-out audience.

I would get into my favorite pieces but then I’d have to describe the entire program. The dancers showed such versatility; so many styles of dance were represented. It was clear that everyone in the program was going to go on the have a very successful dancing career, and some of them have already begun!

At the end of the program, one of the students took the mic to thank the director of educational programming for all her work. It was so touching to see how strong of a bond all the dancers had formed with the staff and with each other during their semester. I’m hanging on to my program so that I can remember all the names of the dancers…I’m positive they’ve only just begun to take the dance world by storm.

It’s just another example of what an unreal opportunity this semester has been for me. Even though I wasn’t in one of these programs, I still was able to take classes with the dancers in them. I am honored to have spent so much time surrounded by the high level of professionalism, dedication, and passion in the dancers at BDC.

Congratulations to all the ProSem students graduating, you were all wonderful tonight!


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