Chocolate Heaven and David Letterman

Last night, the program that helped the interns find their internships took us all out to for dessert to celebrate the end (is it already that time!?) of the semester. Everyone was going and it was free dessert…I was obviously in.

The program chose Max Brenner’s as the location for dessert, which sounded vaguely familiar when I looked up directions. After my dance classes I met up with two of the other girls and we hopped on the Q train to Union Square (note I hadn’t actually had any dinner and was going straight to dessert…typical). We easily found the restaurant and after a little confusion, met up with all the representatives from the program as well as other students in the program from Australia!

From the moment we walked in, I knew I was going to like this place. It had a light, not overbearing, aroma of chocolate and a warm, cozy atmosphere which was a pleasant relief from the constant cold. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the chocolate pizza…that’s right…chocolate pizza, on display. While we waited to be seated I looked through the restaurant’s chocolate shop which only worsened my craving for chocolate.

We were finally seated when everyone arrived and were handed dessert menus. Page by page, my stomach growled and my eyes got bigger and bigger. How was I ever going to decide between the Melting Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake & Shake and the Chocolate Creamiest Cheesecake & Shake? Not to mention the Banana Tempura Fondue and the The 100% Pure Chocolate Chocolate Experience Ice Cream “Max-Wich.” Obviously I also had to get some hot chocolate which meant choosing between their fourteen variations on the winter-y classic.

What’s a girl to do!?

“What are you getting?” I asked Brian, who was seated next to me.

“Just a fruit smoothie I think.”

“No dessert?”


“So, you’re going to get the cheesecake and let me have it.”

Brian sportingly agreed to my plan…after all, he wasn’t paying for it. So when it came time to order, I got the Swiss Whipped Cream Chocolate and the Truffle Heart Cake mentioned before and Brian got the cheesecake.

Soon after, these beautiful masterpieces arrived at the table (taken on my phone because I wasn’t anticipating desserts that necessitated a camera…I underestimated Max Brenner’s).

Dessert #1

Dessert #2

The chocolate cake came with ice cream and a chocolate shot topped with whipped cream. The cheesecake also got a chocolate shot and came with a mandarin and mint salad that I let Brian have. And what’s in those mini shakers? Why, melted chocolate of course, which I used to douse both the cake and the cheesecake.

It wasn’t until Brian and I tried surreptitiously switching plates that any of the other interns noticed I planned on having two desserts. I gave everyone a bit of cheesecake which still left a very sizable amount for me, and though everyone else barely finished their desserts…yes…I finished two.

... and she licked the platter clean.

No one was really surprised.

Needless to say, I didn’t need dinner…that was my dinner and it was delicious. 5 stars for you Max Brenner. Or 4 stars…whatever…the best rating you can give a restaurant, Max Brenner’s gets it. We already made plans to go back this weekend for brunch…waffles with strawberries and chocolate sauce? Yes, please!

After thoroughly stuffing ourselves full of chocolate-y goodness, we agreed to stop by the tree at Rockefeller (this would be my fourth time seeing the tree…it just doesn’t get old!). Joey had never seen the tree before, and he’s from China  so we naturally had to make sure he had this classic American experience before our semester was up!

Half the house in front of the tree 🙂


After a late night with the interns it was back to work today, where April surprised me by asking if I wanted to see the David Letterman show with her! I said yes, obviously, and in 5 minutes we were bundled up and booking it down 45th towards the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Once we’d checked in, we had a while to wait, so we walked to Columbus Circle and browsed through the Christmas market where dozens of vendors set up booths selling everything from purses, to jewelery to food! April generously treated me to some Glühwein which was so warm and tasty! I’d never had anything like it before, but it had a great taste and definitely warmed up the hands.

We also took a detour and stopped by the old BDC location.

The sign was still there and everything, but the guy who bought the building is going to tear it down eventually, which stinks 😦 BDC has had to move several times before finding its current home on 45th street, but we like it there 🙂

When it was time, we made our way back to the theater. After the run-down on the rules, we were brought into the theater where the band was playing and the staff was enthusiastically clapping along.

The Stage!

The taping of the show was really fun. Dave was hysterical and we were told to laugh as heartily as possible because “you guys are our soundtrack!” My favorite part was when Dave asked who was from out of town…most people cheered. Who was from out of the country…a few raised hands. Who was a New Yorker? Me! Me! Me! I got to raise my hand and cheer along with April and the rest of our group, who, by the sounds of it, were the only natives in the theater.

The guest was Bill O’Reilly who was there promoting his new book, as well as Phosphorescent, the musical guest! I get to do the coolest things because of my internship! Lucky me 🙂

Look for me in the audience tonight on the Late Show with David Letterman because the guy behind me asked a question, so I’m pretty sure when the camera showed him, I got in on the shot as well! So famous, hahaha!

Christmas Countdown: 16 Days!


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2 Responses to Chocolate Heaven and David Letterman

  1. lemarke says:

    How you describe so well a big city like New York? Are you a journalist? I see do you like chocolat. I like too, but I prefer coffee. Do you tell me what is that chocolat pizza. I don’t know.

    • mmontinieri says:

      Thank you! But I’m not a journalist hahaha…

      I definitely prefer chocolate, I’ve got enough energy without drinking coffee too! I didn’t get to try the chocolate pizza but it looked like dough spread with milk chocolate, marshmallows and white chocolate shavings! YUM!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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