A Blog Post About A Blog Post

Yesterday while at work, I checked my email and was very confused. Why did I have so many emails from WordPress?

Now, usually, the only people to comment on my blog are my parents, which is weird because they both already know everything I write in my blog as I’ve usually told them over the phone. The blog started as a way to document my semester which makes it easy for family and friends to keep up with all the crazy stuff that I’ve been able to do while I’m here; so my average views per day, after adding a new post, are a respectable 40, most of the time.

Imagine my surprise when I checked my site stats and found that I had 400 views, and it was only 1pm. Now I was really confused; what had made my blog so popular overnight? I got my answer when I started reading the comments people had left.

“Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!”

“Congratulations on FP!”

Freshly Pressed!? Me?! But I read Freshly Pressed daily and am always awed by the quality of blog being posted there! Such interesting subject matter and eloquent authors…it was never someplace I saw my own posts being. But sure enough, I looked at the Freshly Pressed…

Bottom right! That's me! That's me!

I couldn’t contain my excitement. I got up from my “desk” (it’s a computer on a counter-top next to the microwave…but hey, I’m an intern) and told April how my story about the tree was featured on my blog site’s homepage. Her response…”No way! Did you mention Broadway Dance Center?” The woman lives and breathes PR.

All day, between projects from April, I would check my email and find more comments, likes, and subscriptions. They like me! They like me! They really like me! It was so weird to find that people I didn’t know were actually interested in my life. Someone besides my friends and family was reading my blog?! What?!

I tried to respond to all the comments and check out the blogs of everyone who “liked” or commented, but soon fell behind as everything added up. I started just refreshing my stats page and watching the numbers climb.

The only downside to being Freshly Pressed for a little blog like me is that now my stats graph, which keeps track of my views per day, looks like this:

Nice, right? Now those 40 views per day look pretty insignificant. Hopefully some of the lovely people who stopped by yesterday will check in again in the future!

Last night, before I called it a night, I was over 900 views.

When I woke up, I checked my stats and found that over night and this morning the views continued. So much so, that now over 1/3 of all the views my blog has ever had, has come from being Freshly Pressed.

Thank you, WordPress for finding my writing worthy of being on your homepage.

Thank you, WordPress Community for all the kind words you left on my blog. It was so thrilling to read what everyone had to say, especially those who commented that they enjoyed the way I told the story 🙂

And a special thanks to all the readers I had before yesterday, because you guys would read my blog before anyone told you you should 🙂

Today, my sister is coming to visit! She’ll be here in a few hours. In the meantime, anyone have any cures for a sore throat they’d like to share? I swallowed a whole tablespoon of honey last night just so I could sleep. Help would be appreciated! 🙂

Christmas Countdown: 22 days!


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5 Responses to A Blog Post About A Blog Post

  1. Marisa Montinieri says:

    I am so overwhelmed by your blog being recognized by Word Press. That is so great! You are like a “star”??? Keep those blogs coming Mere; esp., since “ugly” is arriving!! XO Auntie M.

  2. Looks like Santa brought your Christmas present early, eh?

    Congratulations, kiddo!

    Your FP post was really topps!

  3. julie Montinieri says:

    Congratulations Doll! There must be an English major in your gene pool!
    Kiss Kiss!

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