Sheryl Murkami’s class is fierce. I’ve taken it a few times now…so I’m starting to get the hang of her style. Today we brought back the first ever routine I did with her, to Maniac by Girlicious. The choreography came back fairly easily and I was able to really focus on the intensity that Sheryl was looking for.

When we split up into groups, I noticed Sheryl watching me doing the choreography.

“Work it, purple! YES!”

Purple? What…wait…I was wearing purple! In a class of well over 50 people, I couldn’t believe I’d been noticed! Now, as we all remember, I don’t usually respond well when singled out. I tend to forget whatever I’m doing and revert to stumbling around aimlessly for the remainder of the choreography.

Miraculously though, I did not flounder. I kept my head even with Sheryl  standing right in front of me, shouting encouragement, and managed not only to finish the choreography, but to do it well enough to earn a smile and another “YES!” at the end.

The fun wasn’t over yet though, at the end of class Sheryl usually picks out a few dancers she thinks did well to do the choreography in front of the class.

I was one of them!

Sheryl picked out me and two other girls and set us up in the middle of the room. The entire rest of the class sat with their backs to the mirror and Sheryl aimed her camera at us as the music started again. No pressure or anything!

But again, somehow, I managed to remember all the choreography and actually do it well! I was so elated I barely managed to tell Mitchell after class that “sherylpulledmeouttodoherchoreographyattheendofclass!” He pretty much summed it up with, “Werkkkkk!”

I’d never been pulled out to do choreography in a class at BDC before today, so I’d say this was a big step in the right direction! The video will hopefully be posted soon, at which point I’ll put up a link to it on here. Stay tuned!

Even after Sheryl’s class my awesome day wasn’t over. Some of the girls in the house went out to dinner for one of the girl’s 21st birthday! We went to Josie’s which was so delicious and to Pinkberry for dessert. I fell in love with Pinkberry…a frozen treat that’s actually not going to undo all the dancing I did all day? Sign me up.

My night out with the girls was wrapped up with a long ride on the subway back to the Bronx.

Time for some sleep so I can werkkk tomorrow!


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