Always Look Forward

I got my first little sip of rejection today when I found out I hadn’t been picked to do a promotional event for Brides Magazine. Now, it’s not like my world is falling apart, or I’m crushed because I wasn’t picked, but yeah, it stinks. Admittedly I really just wanted to wear a bridal gown all day and play dress up, but the $100 payment sounded pretty good too!

When I realized I hadn’t gotten the congratulatory email, I was bummed, but I quickly found the silver lining. I realized I wouldn’t have to squeeze into a size four dress on Monday and celebrated by downing half a bag of pretzels and dipping them in frosting as my dinner 🙂

On another brighter note, one of the girls in the house is one of 25 girls who did get the gig, so we spent some time looking through the bridal collection online and hoping she’d get to wear a long dress!

This all made me realize though, imagine a professional dancer’s career, when he or she is auditioning for jobs to pay the rent, not just because they sound fun (which is what I’m doing now). Rejection has to hurt more when the stakes are higher and it has to come more often if only because auditions are more frequent.

Being a dancer requires some tough skin. Especially in a commercial industry where you are so often judged on your appearance. For example, the Bride gig decision was made based on height, weight, and a photo. When you’re not picked for a job like this, it’s especially important to brush it off because there is simply nothing you could have done differently to get the job. It’s not like an interview where you could have answered a question better, or an audition where you could have nailed the choreography even harder.

You won’t be right for every job.

Not everyone will think you’re a good dancer.

Not everyone will dig your style.

Not everyone will like you.

The sooner I learn those things, the better. Because in real life it won’t be fun promotional things you get rejected from, it’ll be real jobs with real salaries, that will be really important.

Rejection can’t be seen as rejection; it’s a lost opportunity for whoever has turned you away. They won’t get the pleasure of working with you. It’s time to focus your energy on the next opportunity coming your way. Looking back does you no good, always look forward.

And what am I looking forward to now? I can’t give anything away, but rehearsal starts tomorrow! Stay tuned for a video of this upcoming performance probably around Thanksgiving 🙂

**Also, it was brought to my attention the video in my last post (Regis and Kelly) didn’t work! It’s been fixed now, so feel free to go back and enjoy that :)**


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3 Responses to Always Look Forward

  1. paul says:

    what a great set of insights…’ll do well in life thinking like that….and while disappointments never feel good when they happen….they do have a way of paving the way for other opportunities….love you

  2. Katherine says:

    Mere.. you are living like a celeb! even the rejection is part of that lifestyle. but how cool is it that you have one foot in the door to all of these cool opportunities, even if you do end up not being able to do it? xo love you

  3. Marisa Montinieri says:

    Interesting blog; learning a lesson that early in your life, while it may hurt, will serve its purpose later on in life~believe me. Your dad and mom have told me several times that a person’s strength comes from how they dust themselves off “after” dissappointment and move forward. You are learning those lessons now so you will be prepared for the future and the good and bad of that. You are an amazing woman Mere and I am so proud of where you are in life….Love ya lots, Auntie “M”…

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