Regis and Kelly, Live!

Did you miss it? Pause at 9 seconds…then again at 14 seconds…

Did you see me?! No? Well I mean you have to pause it, because if you don’t it happens way too fast.

But, I don’t care! I was on TV! Woo!

Today’s assignment from April? Go see the Regis and Kelly Show with Mitchell (April’s other intern). And while we’re at it, try to say “Broadway Dance Center!” on TV. Well, given our limited air time, we were unsuccessful in that endeavor, but we did spend a good half hour chatting about classes at BDC while amidst the anxiously waiting audience who may have overheard…does that count?

Up at 6am, out the door by 7am, waiting in line at 8am, and the show aired at 9am! When the audience was seated, the executive producer spent a few minutes going over how to clap loudly (I kid you not…apparently it’s all in the speed of the claps, not the intensity), when to clap loudly, and appropriate responses to other things that would happen during the show. As Regis and Kelly made their entrance the producer signaled for wild applause! He needn’t have asked twice, some women were a little too excited to be there (note woman in red in above video clip).

Mitchell and I lucked out with front row seats right in front of the cooking station so we were in the prime location to smell the tantalizing aromas of Cat Cora’s sweet potatoes…with a twist!

Our seats also allowed us to get really up close and personal with Regis and Kelly who made a point to wander around the audience during commercial breaks. Regis even came and shook our hands!

Regis opening his present from a fan: chocolates..."Don't tell Kelly!"

The guest stars today were Rosario Dawson and Jason Schwartzman both of whom were very fun, energetic guests. Rosario has a new movie coming out called Unstoppable which looks wicked intense. They showed a 30 second clip and I was totally hooked!

What a fun way to start the day…and now I can say I’ve been to a live TV taping!

After smelling sweet potatoes Mitchell and I were famished so we made a stop at Dunkin Donuts (YES, THEY HAD VANILLA KREME! I got two), and McDonald’s for Mitchell. Then it was back to BDC for Tracie, Chris, and Germaine’s classes.

Today, I took advanced beginner tap (which is like level three…after basic and beginner) and I actually didn’t suck! I managed to follow the steps and that’s saying something considering the woman who gave me the Rockette job was also there taking class and watching my every move…no pressure or anything! It was very satisfying to hear my taps hitting every sound in the combination…Radio City here I come!

**Side note…all you people who tell me you read my blog…and I know you are because I can see how many views each post gets…make some comments once in a while! No one wants to hear me ramble on for so long…add your two cents! I love getting comments and it’s not as exciting when it’s from my mom and dad (just kidding Mom and Dad…love you!)**

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4 Responses to Regis and Kelly, Live!

  1. Marisa Montinieri says:

    Mere. I just LOVE Kelly; isn’t she adorable? I do read every one of your blogs, faithfully, because I love keeping up with you, I love the way you write (correct spelling, etc.) and I am worry-wart auntie so reading a blog puts me at ease! Keep them coming and I will continue blogging you back. Love ya lots, Auntie M….

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