All treats, no tricks!




The festivities began with work on Friday where all the staff was dressed up. There were some really creative costumes, but my favorite was Reese who was dressed up as Dee, one of our maintenance staff who is greatly loved by everyone. He thought of everything and everyone knew instantly who he was! Dee paraded around the studio with him to show off his costume hahaha, she loved it!

Other costumes from work included a Broadway Wannabe, Maude the Bowling Viking (from the Big Lebowski), Pocahontas, a vampire, Wednesday (from the Addams family), and Nemo!

After work on Friday I jumped on the Metro-North, stopped home for dinner, then drove two hours up to my college in MA! By 7:30 I was on campus and so excited to be back. Halloween is a big deal up there and everyone gets dressed up for Friday and Saturday night. I was staying with my friend Shannon who lives in a suite in the brand new dorm on campus with a bunch of her friends (who are my new friends after this weekend!). On Friday, they were a S.W.A.T team:

And I was a tourist!

Lost and asking for every tourist in NYC!

The fanny pack I wore that night was dangerously convenient. Seriously, those things should be in style. It was so great to have my camera, my phone, my chapstick, my ID and my EpiPen all readily accessible without having to carry a wristlet or a purse all night! I wanted to wear it again on Saturday but Shannon wouldn’t let me. The other highlight of Friday night was getting mozzarella sticks on campus which are my favorite late night snack…I missed those mozz stix.

Saturday morning myself, Shannon and another friend from school got up early (way too early) and drove into Salem, MA for the day! It was totally worth the lack of sleep though.

We walked around the tourist area seeing the costumes and browsing through all the stores selling Halloween and Witch-y paraphernalia. By the end of the day the streets were totally packed! I couldn’t even imagine how crazy it’d be at night!

The coolest part of the day was when we stopped at a store called Hex to get psychic readings! We went in one at a time for fifteen minutes each and the psychic flipped tarot cards and interpreted them for us. It was definitely really cool. I was actually very impressed with the reading and the accuracy of everything she said. It was cool that things she said clicked in my head, even things that I hadn’t realized I was going through or feeling made sense when she explained them and put them into context. It was also cool that, when we were comparing notes after, the three of us got a lot of the same tarot cards, but they meant different things for each of us. Overall my fortune is looking pretty good! She said in the long run I could look forward to a “good partner, financial security and inner peace.” Sounds good to me!

Before we left Salem I made sure we stopped at Rita’s! I’d never seen one near school and Shannon had never been to one before. It’s one of my favorite summer treats and even though it was pretty cold out we indulged in gelati’s, ice, and a blendini!

After a nap in the car on the way back to school we were ready for night #2! This also meant that Laurie would be visiting! Laurie came to visit the weekend I went to Canal street, and she’s studying in D.C. for the semester. The reason I came to visit school on Halloween weekend was because she was!

Saturday, the girls in the suite were the seven (or six, technically) dwarfs, and Laurie was Snow White.

And I was a chef!

My hat looked sort of like a beret though, oh well. People got it.

The whole weekend was absolutely so much fun. I was nervous coming back to school after having so much fun in NYC. I was worried school would be different, that it wouldn’t be the same, and that it would make me dread coming back in January. I should have known that this would never happen! Shannon made sure that I met all the new friends she’s made this year and they were all so nice, welcoming, and a lot of fun. I couldn’t stop smiling all weekend and by Sunday I didn’t want to leave! I know that this weekend was a teaser trailer of what Spring semester will be like, only even better because all our abroad friends will be back too! Now I can finish out my last two months in NYC knowing what fun awaits when I’m back to school in January 🙂

Sunday morning I pulled away from campus by 11:30am eagerly thinking of when I’d be back to see all the new friends I made during the weekend.

On the way home I couldn’t resist stopping at Joey’s school to surprise him. I drove by his exit on the way up and I just couldn’t go by knowing I was so near him without stopping! He was very surprised and happy to see me!

Thanks to everyone who I saw this weekend: my friends, my dance team girls, and all the girls in the suite, for making the weekend so great! And a special thanks to Shannon for playing host and letting me use her shampoo 🙂

Me, Shannon, and Laurie!



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2 Responses to All treats, no tricks!

  1. Shannon says:

    if you make one more comment about how early you had to get up, i will BEAT you over the head with your fanny pack.

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