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Rockefeller Tree Lighting

I had been advised by several sources not to bother trying to go to the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Plaza. The RD of our house said that last time she tried to go, she couldn’t get within … Continue reading

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My Life as an Elf

First of all, if you’ve never been to, you need to get out from under your rock and join in the Christmas fun. It’s super easy and super hysterical. Only, when you do it, don’t be lame and upload … Continue reading

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It’s the Holiday Season in NYC!

Such a fun-filled day! It’s my first weekend actually in the Bronx in a while (I always seem to be away visiting someone!) so I decided I wanted to do something festive! So we went ice skating at Rockefeller! Katie, … Continue reading

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Dear Woman on the D Train

Dear Woman on the D Train, I don’t know if you noticed me today, but I rode the D train with you from 59th to your stop on Tremont Ave. I was the one standing in the middle of the … Continue reading

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Sheryl Murkami’s class is fierce. I’ve taken it a few times now…so I’m starting to get the hang of her style. Today we brought back the first ever routine I did with her, to Maniac by Girlicious. The choreography came … Continue reading

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Always Look Forward

I got my first little sip of rejection today when I found out I hadn’t been picked to do a promotional event for Brides Magazine. Now, it’s not like my world is falling apart, or I’m crushed because I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Regis and Kelly, Live!

Did you miss it? Pause at 9 seconds…then again at 14 seconds… Did you see me?! No? Well I mean you have to pause it, because if you don’t it happens way too fast. But, I don’t care! I was … Continue reading

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All treats, no tricks!

Halloween. Was. Amazing. The festivities began with work on Friday where all the staff was dressed up. There were some really creative costumes, but my favorite was Reese who was dressed up as Dee, one of our maintenance staff who … Continue reading

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