Valuing those Zzz’s

The past few days I’m come to realize how over-tired I am. I’ve been going to bed at a decent hour and getting up at a normal time, but the 6-7 hours of “sleep” I’ve been getting is the tossing and turning type. Not very restful.

Therefore, I’ve come to value my hour and a half commute in the mornings as resting time. Particularly on the 4 train. Usually I use my time on the 4 train do some solid reading, but lately my eyes haven’t been able to stay open for more than a page at a time, so I’ve changed tactics.

“There is a Manhattan-bound 4 train, approaching the station…”

Here’s the thing with the 4 train. Everyone’s in the same boat. Once you get on, everyone’s either: reading, zoned out with the iPod, or sleeping…their last hour of rest before the work day.

“The next stop is, 183rd street…”

Since my stop is pretty near the beginning of the train’s route, I can almost always get a seat right away.

“Stand clear of the closing doors, please.”

I take my seat, pop in my ear-buds, and drift away to my “recently added” playlist (which is well updated thanks to all the new jams I’m hearing at BDC).

Sounds pretty nice right? Right.

Except when rowdy middle school students happen to board the train.

This morning during the chorus of “Breathe Again,” a large group of kids, apparently going on a field trip or something…stampeded into the train. Apparently they don’t know how we do things on the 4 train prior to 10am. It’s quiet time. iPod time. Newspaper, novel, or Kindle time.

My eyes jerked open as the kids yelled to each other from either end of the train. The old woman text to me looked incredulous. She glanced at me and we exchanged looks of exasperation. These hoodlums ruining our ride on the 4 train! Who do they think they are?

Cue work day: 1-3 dance classes, 4 hours in the office, errands running all over Manhattan, then usually around 6 (but lately more like 7 or 7:30) I head home to the Bronx for the night. By the time I’m locking the door behind me I just want to shower, eat, and go to bed.

As I write this, it’s 9:30pm and I want nothing more than to turn off my lights, get in my pajamas and curl up in my bed with its freshly laundered sheets.

It’s 9:30!

I used to scoff at my parents for these kind of antics.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go put my dentures in some Polident, kick off my orthodics and get some sleep!


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2 Responses to Valuing those Zzz’s

  1. dad says:

    ANTICS?… dear daughter, it’s not antics…it’s post 50 is it really only 9 pm.? feels like midnight, because all the young-ins are making all sorts of noise (like the class trip on 4 train)….don’t they get it? hah….NOW you’re getting it….wait til married with children…..yahoooo

  2. julie Montinieri says:

    Love it!

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