Oreo Brownies

What to do today on my day off before Joey gets here? Well after a few minutes on Stumble, I had my answer.

Oreo Brownies.

I found this recipe online and began drooling just looking at the pictures! Within fifteen minutes I was at the grocery store on Arthur Ave stocking up on all the necessities.

I did pretty much exactly what the recipe called for except I used Half and Half double stuff Oreos instead of regular single stuff, and I used a round pan instead of square because that’s all I could find in the kitchen.

Layer of brownie mix, layer of Oreos

Second layer of brownie mix...and into the oven!


After 45 minutes…

As much as I wanted to just dig in right then, I waited twenty minutes for the brownies to cool and I was handsomely rewarded!


Add a tall glass of milk and I was a happy camper.

Oreo brownies, milk, pajamas and spongebob. Great Friday afternoon.

A few minutes later, one of the girls came downstairs. She said she knew I was baking because my door was open and it smelled like cookies in the house! She gave the brownies two thumbs up as well 🙂 After I went back upstairs one of the guys poked his head in to say “Meredith! It smells so good!” Good thing I made a big pan of them, some for everyone! I highly recommend trying the recipe…it was super easy to make and delicious!!!

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4 Responses to Oreo Brownies

  1. dad says:

    Ok: on Sunday when we come to take you out to arthur ave. have some brownies for us for the road! nice pictorial recipe layout…kk dad

  2. julie Montinieri says:

    No! Do not have them ready for us! I will eat the whole pan on the way home! P.S. We can drop Joey in New Haven if he wants to leave when we do.

  3. Amanda :) says:

    Those turned out gorgeous!! I’m definitely going to have to try with the half & half oreos! 🙂

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