Theater, and Wavin, and Tap, Oh my!

This week was my “branching out” week at BDC. I’d gotten pretty comfortable in jazz with Sheila, ballet with Beth, and jazz funk with Chio, so I figured it was time to try some new stuff, because there’s no challenge if you’re comfortable, right?

Theater with Shea Sullivan was the first new class of the week. I’ve done some Fosse before, but never taken a real theater class. Only draw back was that I didn’t have character shoes. Oops. But seeing as I just threw down $60 for tap shoes (more on that later…) I wasn’t about to drop any more for character shoes, so I made do with socks. The class was a lot of fun and Shea was just a bundle of energy and personality. Here’s the combination we did in her class:

**No, that is not me in the video, it’s Shea’s assistant!***

Side note, loved the song she used, which inspired me to go home and download the rest of Sara Bareilles’ new album (it’s awesome, I recommend it). Overall, I really liked Shea’s class and I definitely have room for improvement in theater so I plan on being back there next week!

Next up was tap with Germaine Salsberg. The woman I interviewed with for the Rockette gig recommended Germaine and asked that when I went to her class that I introduce myself and tell her she sent me so Germaine could “keep an eye on me.” Well, after my first class I did just that and Germaine was happy to offer some feedback. I went back on Tuesday and Wednesday for her beginner classes (gotta start at the beginning!) and I’m already shakin’ off the rust! Even when I did tap though, it certainly wasn’t in heels so that’s taken some getting used to!

Germaine’s class was made even more fun by my new friend, Bryce, who comes on Tuesday and Wednesday. He’s really nice and very encouraging and I need all the help I can get! Thanks, Bryce!

On Tuesday I also took Wavin’ with Future. His class was probably the biggest stretch for me. I felt like my brain had exploded after his class. Wavin’ is definitely something that is really hard to teach. I felt like I couldn’t take my eyes away from Future because I would be lost, but because of that, I had no idea what I looked like…probably like a raving lunatic. Here’s an example of Future’s class:

Future spent a lot of time developing a bond within everyone in the class. He called us a family and broke the ice by starting off class with a freestyle dance sesh. Nothing like bustin’ a move to bring a class together! Future had a lot of philosophical things to say…”Dance is free” was my favorite. The best part of class was watching Future do what he did best…I was blown away by his wavin’ (he really did look like water, just like he was trying to explain to us), and when he did a dinosaur impression the whole class was really impressed!

Last new class of the week was today, jazz with Tracie Stanfield. I loved her class. Her movement is so smooth and grounded. I could hear every movement of her choreography reflected in the music. The choreography was wicked hard and my strained knee wasn’t exactly an asset, but I still felt like I danced it as best I could. Here’s some of Tracie’s choreography so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about:

Amaaaaazing. And a few of the dancers in the class were absolutely phenomenal. I could have just watched them for the whole hour and a half! I can’t wait to take her class again!!

Needless to say I’m 100% wiped from this week and my knee definitely needs some ice and a break. Thank goodness Joey’s coming tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. Paul says:

    great blog….love the videos and the colorful self descriptors!

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