The Show, The Weekend & The Wedding

Warning. This will be a long post.


There will be a lot of pictures πŸ™‚

So, going back to last Thursday, Jill and I finally got to go see the So You Think You Can Dance tour! We’ve had tickets since the summer time and it was finally time for us to head over to Radio City Music Hall!

We stayed in the city after work on Thursday and met up for dinner at John’s Pizzeria which was positively delicious! We split a pizza and I devoured some garlic bread. I was so full I didn’t have room for dessert and that is saying something.

Since we were so stuffed, we walked from Time Square to Radio City Music Hall, the anticipation building!

We got there plenty early so we had time to snap some pictures of Rockefeller Plaza, the golden statue, and even some ridiculously embarrassing ones of us completely giving in to our tourist instincts.

I told you it was bad. But, for the record, I only wanted to take a picture standing next to her, I was not anticipating being adorned in an American flag, handed a torch, a Statue of Liberty hat, told to stand on a box, and pose.

Still though, it was funny!



The show was absolutely amazing. We had great seats and honestly there aren’t really bad seats at Radio City. The dancers performed a lot of our favorite numbers from the show and some new choreography as well. Because not everyone was able to go on the tour a lot of dances were performed by different dancers than they were originally, but, they were still spectacular.

It never fails to amaze me how different it is to see the dances performed live. The energy from the dancers just radiates off the stage and you can’t help but be drawn into their performance!

A special thanks needs to go out to my dad who got the tickets for us and made sure the night would be a success! Love you, Dad πŸ™‚

After getting back to the house really late, it was up bright and early to meet my sister at Penn Station and catch a train home to CT! A long train ride later, we met my mom at the station who brought us both home, sweet home.

The weekend was awesome. I finally got to see my boyfriend after three long weeks apart and we celebrated by going out to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant and seeing The Social Network which was really good! We also took the time to head into the historic area of our town and get ice cream! There we spotted this massive pumpkin (702 lbs)!

Autumn is my favorite season and I definitely don’t get a feel for it in NYC. It was so great to come home to see the leaves changing, feel the air getting crisper, see the house decorated for fall, and drink apple cider!

The highlight of the weekend though, was my cousin’s wedding! Ray and Sammy got married on 10/10/10 in a lovely chapel. I was busy snapping pictures left and right (no flash though, hence why a lot came out rather fuzzy). I always, always, always, get emotional at weddings, so naturally I was asking my mom for a tissue halfway through the ceremony. It was so beautiful and really personal, which I really liked about it.

My sister and I were joking on the way down that it was so weird to imagine our cousin getting married! The ceremony though, gave a perfect look at Ray and Sammy’s relationship and it wasn’t hard to see after being a part of it, that they’re meant to be together πŸ™‚

After the ceremony it was party time!

The whole family was there and we spent the night eating (a lot), dancing and laughing. We actually managed to get not only my mom, but my dad, grandma and grandpa out on the dance floor! They were really bustin’ a move!!

One of my favorite parts of the night though, was when Sammy surprised Ray with a second cake: Ghostbuster themed!

Ray is a huge fan of Ghostbusters…borderline obsessive really, so the cake was absolutely perfect. He was so surprised and it was just another element that made the wedding so personal!

As it got later, we realized we had to head home, but we weren’t even close to calling it a night.

When we got back home we spent 10 minutes gathering our stuff together then went straight back out the door. My super, awesome, amazing, terrific, fantastic, spectacular dad drove my sister and I back to school on Sunday night since neither of us had the day off today (seriously people, it’s called Columbus Day! It’s a national holiday! Why didn’t we have the day off?!). So, a little before 1am we pulled up to the house in the Bronx.

Needless to say, today was a long day, and actually I feel like I’m getting sick which is why I’m sipping some tea with honey as I write.

This whole weekend was amazing, between being home, seeing everyone I love, and being a part of such an important day of my cousin’s life!

Congratulations to Ray and Sammy! I was so happy to be a part of your celebration πŸ™‚

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  1. pauly says:

    great blog, Mere, and thanks for the kudos…always a joy to be YOUR dad…

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