4:30pm, studio 4. Sheila’s class is about to start. It was a pretty small class today, less than ten of us, so we had plenty of room to do our warm-up, unlike Monday which was unusually crowded for a Monday. I drop my stuff by the window and take my customary spot in the back off to the side in the long, narrow studio.

“Meredith! Come up here, you’re not new here anymore,” says Sheila, pointing at the area front and center, just to her right.

It was the best warm-up I’ve had since coming to BDC 🙂

She’s right though, I finally am starting to feel less like “the new intern” and more like I belong there. I’ve made friends in my classes and my dance teachers know my name. When I come into class there’s not a sense of having to prove myself to anyone anymore, it’s about dancing for myself. I’m there to improve my technique, yes; to work on my alignment, my strength and center…but at some point you need to just let go of that. Trust that your body knows the steps well enough to just forget the choreography and dance.

That’s easier now that I feel more like I’m one of the family at BDC 🙂

After Sheila’s class today, I went over to thank her for a good class.

“So much, so much, sooooo much better today,” she said. That’s really all I can ask for. Not that I’m better than the next person, or that my technique is perfect, or my balance dead on, but that I’m slowly, steadily, getting better.


Side note: when exiting the bathroom stall today I was unexpectedly confronted by yet another naked woman who was in a real hurry to get into the stall I was using. That’s just cruel! Springing naked boobs on me like that. It must have shown on my face because the girl at the sinks cracked up laughing. Not cool, naked lady. Not cool.

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