The diversity of BDC makes it worldly. It would be unusual to have a class of all American students. Actually, I’d say it’d be nearly impossible. The downside of having so many friendly and outgoing visitors from overseas is the increased likelihood of finding naked women in the locker room.

Like, butt-naked.

Keep in mind that BDC does not only cater to the younger generations. I regularly take ballet class with men and women who have passed into their sixties with ease. Let’s also keep in mind that the naked-ness is not discreetly in the corner changing, but casually strolling through the looker room, looking for paper towels. I have no desire to see anyone’s shaving patterns, but when you look up from washing your face and there it is reflected in the mirror, it’s hard to miss and nearly impossible to erase from your memory.

Unfortunately, the traumatic images do not end in the locker room.

Without fail, there is a gentleman who takes class in studio three who wears his pants far too low and folds his tank top up to expose his belly. He’s probably in his fifties with fake-tanned skin and polar white hair. He stands by the observation window with his back gently arched, making his bare belly even more pronounced.

The other day I almost walked right into a woman entering the locker room (it’s a twisty little corner, it’s easy to run into people). She was clad in a golden, metallic leotard, nude tights, and white leg warmers.

On a regular basis, I see too much of the dancer in my jazz class. Hot pink booty shorts are tough to pull off, especially if you are a guy. Leave something to the imagination, won’t you!?

Now, since you’ve all probably lost your appetite, here’s something to bring it back:

Behold, the mixed berry cobbler I devoured at lunch today. Layer upon layer of peach, cranberry and apple goodness. I ❤ NY.


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3 Responses to TMI BDC

  1. Marisa Montinieri says:

    I can’t get my brain around those descriptions of students at BDC..I’m trying really hard but a mental picture is sending me over the edge!!! What an education you are getting ~ just think of the differences from BDC and like a “Dance 10”????!!! LOL Love the update, Auntie M.

  2. dad says:

    the detailed description is impacting my lunch plans…thanks a ton

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