Recently at work I’ve been feeling festive…because Elf is coming to Broadway! The sign has been up since I started working at BDC, but recently decorations have gone up as well, making the little section of West 45th street leading up to BDC look like it’s already December! The pillars are wrapped like candy canes and the doors look like golden presents. Every time I walk by, I try to catch a glimpse of the stage, but no luck yet.

Thursday night’s art project this week was the Still Life. Here’s what I set up for mine:

Kitchenware borrowed from the house kitchen...

Not very exciting, but they were simple shapes. Here’s how my painting came out:

Better than the geometric still life! Am I right? I think it’s better. I moved the ladle after I took the original picture, so that’s why that doesn’t match exactly. The little bowl came out the best, it actually looks 3-D-ish!! I thought I was done with this painting but my professor insisted I take it home and continue to work on “resolving some of those areas,” whatever that means.

Saturday was shopping day in the Bronx. Myself and two of the girls from the house ventured down the main street and man, if you know where to go, you can get a whole lot for hardly anything! In our escapades yesterday I got:

  • a peacoat
  • two pairs of leggings
  • a sweater
  • going-out boots

And the grand total for the day? $60.

I rounded off my amazing bargain hunting by discovering that YES the Dunkin Donuts down the street from us DOES carry Vanilla Kreme donuts!!!! What a good day!!!!

Last night the interns hit the town in style. We went into Manhattan for the night and had plans to eat at McFadden’s but apparently, even if you only plan on eating dinner in the dining room, you are not allowed in after 6:00 if you are under 21. Even if two of your friends got you a table at 5:30 and you walked in at 5:59. It wasn’t our fault we just missed the four train that would’ve gotten us there before 6:00! Their loss, dinner for 10 would’ve been a pretty sweet tab.

I WON! Well, once at least.

Anyway, we found another bar that allowed us to sit and have dinner and they had crayons on the table which allowed us to play hangman, tic-tac-toe, and mash until our food came (which took a ridiculously long time).

We ended the evening with a trip to Union Square to go to Baked by Melissa which had the cutest mini cupcakes I could have literally eaten in one bite if I hadn’t wanted to savor them! They were three for $3 so I got mint chocolate chip, tie-dye, and cookies and cream. Another yummy bakery I have had the pleasure of visiting!

Today I had to work because there was a special event going on on 34th street called Actorfest which BDC had a table at. Between 8:30 and 5:30 (minus a break for lunch) April and I talked to actors and actresses who were there for casting calls, workshops, and offers by various vendors who also had tables at the event. People were very friendly and the time passed pretty quickly (considering we were there for 9 hours) while we chatted with everyone about what BDC had to offer!


I also hailed my first cab today! You don’t actually say “taxi!” when you do it though, you just stand by the side of the road, look for a cab with the lights on and stick out your arm. I felt like a true New Yorker! That is until I tried to swipe my card right away and felt very stupid when the driver told me I had to wait until the ride was over, duh. Unfortunately, it was not the Cash Cab I hailed, though I did make a point to pick a van since that’s what Ben Bailey drives. But hey, I’ve still got three more months here, you never know! 🙂


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