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Valuing those Zzz’s

The past few days I’m come to realize how over-tired I am. I’ve been going to bed at a decent hour and getting up at a normal time, but the 6-7 hours of “sleep” I’ve been getting is the tossing … Continue reading

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Central Park

Joey was here this weekend! We spent the day Saturday in Central Park because it was absolutely beautiful out and I’m afraid there’s not many more days like that left! First we headed over to Mike’s Deli in the Arthur … Continue reading

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Oreo Brownies

What to do today on my day off before Joey gets here? Well after a few minutes on Stumble, I had my answer. Oreo Brownies. I found this recipe online and began drooling just looking at the pictures! Within fifteen … Continue reading

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Theater, and Wavin, and Tap, Oh my!

This week was my “branching out” week at BDC. I’d gotten pretty comfortable in jazz with Sheila, ballet with Beth, and jazz funk with Chio, so I figured it was time to try some new stuff, because there’s no challenge … Continue reading

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“Just a few more minutes”…NOT

Yesterday, April and I and 25 other dancers from BDC set off in a school bus to Jersey City at 2:30 to be part of the audience of Paula Abdul’s new reality TV show on CBS called Live To Dance. … Continue reading

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Rockette Assistant!

This could be me someday. It isn’t actually out of the realm of possibility because today I was hired as a Rockette Assistant for two weekends in December! I had an interview with a woman who runs the Rockette Experience, … Continue reading

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The Show, The Weekend & The Wedding

Warning. This will be a long post. BUT There will be a lot of pictures 🙂 So, going back to last Thursday, Jill and I finally got to go see the So You Think You Can Dance tour! We’ve had … Continue reading

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