“We’re Looking for the next Snooki.”

Yoga is one of the best ways to start the day. I mean after getting up at 6:45, packing enough dance clothes and work clothes to make it through the day, taking the 12 bus, the 4 train, the shuttle, and walking five blocks…after all that…Yoga is one of the best ways to start the day.

Our instructor always begins class with a dedication. Last week it was about gratitude, being thankful for whatever was going on in your life. Being in New York? Dancing at BDC? My friends? My family? My boyfriend? Yup. Lots to be thankful for.

This week it was about change. I think she did the dedication for one of the girls in class who was leaving for South Africa today to start a new contract and won’t be back until January, but obviously it can apply to everyone. I particularly liked how our instructor pointed out that even though things change, we always carry memories of our pasts. We should look forward to change and embrace it when it comes (since it pretty much always does). That just really resonated with me.

My favorite part of yoga is the end when you lay on your back and relax every muscle you just worked. Our instructor comes around with some lotion or oil or something on her hands and gently presses on our shoulders, leaving the aroma behind. All through ballet (which I took right after yoga) I could smell it: a combination of apples, leaves and pumpkins; autumn smells that made me want it to be Thanksgiving.

After my morning classes I went to work as usual and was surprised when April IM’ed me the following:

April – there’s a casting going on upstairs today for a new reality tv show at 1 so I’ll be up there most of the day.

Me – ok!

April – I might have you do an interview if that’s ok!

**at this point I’m thinking she wants me to interview someone else, which is weird, I think, but whatever**

Me – I’d love to!

April – Great! Ok well just come upstairs at 2:15. They’ll probably just ask about what you do here, why you came here, what you want to accomplish while you’re here…

**I now realize I was going to be interviewed…by a casting crew…for a new reality tv show**

Just so we all understand here: I’m sweaty from class, my hair’s a mess, and I definitely smell like the yoga mats I was sweating all over that morning (and those yoga mats are putrid), and I’m about to go interview with a casting crew from LA who wants to do a new docu-series about dancers at BDC living in NYC.


I go into the room at 2:15 and am introduced to the casting crew. The guy who’s interviewing me gives me a quick run-down. “So we’re casting Jersey Shore three,” he says. “I’m in!” they both laugh, easing my nerves a little. “We’re looking for the next Snooki,” he says, at which point I point to my poof (which is all frizzy from class) and say, “I’ve got the poof, it just needs to be maxed out a little.”

I told them about what I’m doing in the city, how I ended up at BDC and how I’m training so I can someday have my own place. It went well, so we’ll see what happens. The show is still in it’s really early stages; the interviews were mostly just to get a feel for what goes on at BDC on a daily basis. By the time the show starts being produced (if it does) I’ll probably be back at Stonehill, but it was still cool to be part of the process!

The rest of my work day was spent running errands where I almost witnessed a fight on the subway between some kid and a guy in a business suit and was entertained by a break dancer who walked into the train car with a boom box, announced it was “Showtime!” and began to bust a move right there on the train. Somehow he managed to do a few pretty nice tricks without kicking anyone.

At 4:00pm it was time for dance class round 3: jazz with Sheila. Sheila’s a regular firecracker, always loaded with energy. Today she climbed up on the piano to make a point.

“Did you just hump the piano?” one of the dancers asked.

“Yes! I humped the piano! And they got it on tape! I HUMPED THE PIANO!”

God, I love Sheila.

After my three dance classes I decided a treat was in order. On 8th there’s a place called the Shake Shack, so I decided a nice, cold milkshake would be a wonderful reward for a hard day’s work. Only it was very busy, milkshakes were $5.25, and there were peanut butter ones, which meant I’d have to be a pain and request the machine be cleaned before mine was made. So the Shake Shack was out. Only now I had gotten my hopes up and simply had to find a milkshake.

As I headed up 42nd street, I saw it like a beacon (literally…every store on 42nd is decked out with flashing signs)…COLDSTONE!

Moments later I was sucking down a sweet mint-Oreo shake. I relished the brain freeze and savored the frozen mixture cooling me after Sheila’s class in the over-heated subway station. I finished before I even got on the train. 🙂


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1 Response to “We’re Looking for the next Snooki.”

  1. Marisa Montinieri says:

    You descriptions are as if I am with you there in the City. Keep ’em coming ~ I really look forward to them ! XOXO Auntie M…

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