Oovoo Date

After almost a month in the Bronx, myself and three of my best friends from Stonehill had an Oovoo date! Oovoo is just like Skype except that during the thirty-day trial period you can video chat with up to 6 people, which was perfect for the four of us!

Early in the week we set the date: 10:00am for us on the East coast, and 4:00pm for our friend in Florence for the semester.

After a few technical difficulties (my camera wouldn’t work for some reason) we were up and running! It was so great to see friends from school and trade stories from our adventures across the globe.

We noted that it’s definitely hard to be away from each other, especially now that we’re settling into a routine in MA, D.C., NY and Italy. It’s easy at first to be so wrapped up in the “new-ness” of our adventures, which is really great because it distracts from missing everyone, but at the same time, now that it’s settled down a bit, we’re able to talk and look forward to when we’ll be reunited in January!

The only one missing from our date was our friend in Galway for the semester.

We really missed her.

She was actually spending the weekend in Dublin, which is a pretty good excuse. We’ll make sure she’s available next time.

After nearly two hours of Oovoo-ing we had to call it for the day. Even though it was so great to be talking to the girls, we on the East coast needed to get our day started and it was nearly dinner time in Florence!

The rest of the day was spent running errands and going to the grocery store to stock up for the week. I also cooked a big dinner for myself, which I think will be a weekly thing. During the week I’m always too tired to put too much effort into dinner so it was nice to take the time and make something really good! I found some great fresh mozzarella and tomatoes and made fresh pesto for a caprese salad. I also went to a bakery for some ciabatta bread and another bakery for a slice of red velvet cake (because obviously it’s not a complete dinner without dessert!). The main course was actually leftovers, but the spaghetti carbonara I had for lunch yesterday was so good, it didn’t taste like leftovers at all!

Ready to kick off another week in the big city!


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