Geometric Still Life…REVEALED!

Only in New York would it be possible to find Cookie Monster and a Pink Gorilla jamming out together. It was so unusual that I had to succumb to my tourist instincts and take a picture.

What a team.

I’ve been becoming quite familiar with the subway system since I’ve been assigned weekly errands for my internship. Today I made my way around Manhattan dropping off schedules and information guides and updating bulletin boards. I’m actually becoming quite a fan of the subway (minus when it’s ridiculously over-crowded on game nights). You know how they say you should have a certain amount of time a day just to yourself? I use my commute as my “me time.”

When I was home last weekend I stocked up on books to read on the train and I’ve been keeping track of songs we use in class at BDC so my iPod is up to date. If I’m able to get a seat, I whip out my book and for the next forty minutes I can relax and enjoy whatever it is I’m reading. I just finished The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd (she also wrote The Secret Life of Bees). I really liked it, the descriptions were wonderful, it made it easy to get absorbed in the book and forget I was rocketing along on a subway train. If I can’t get a seat I usually opt for the iPod since holding a book and trying to keep my balance is an acquired skill.

Besides learning the subway system, my latest project at BDC is my favorite so far. I have to go through three books of CDs and DVDs and put them into some sort of logical order. This requires watching a lot of DVDs that aren’t labeled or don’t have a date on them (since I decided chronologically would be a good way to organize). I’ve gotten to watch footage of performances, lectures, the BDC 20th Anniversary DVD, and various teacher appearances on TV. There’s also whole CDs of photo shoots that need to be labeled. I’ve only just scratched the surface! This project is a great way to learn more about the history of BDC without asking a hundred questions and sounding stupid.

In other news, I finally took my first Chio class at BDC! Chio has come to our studio before, usually once or twice annually and it was always a big deal. Well, one of my best friends and I always made a big deal out of it, haha. She’d pick out her outfit for the workshop a week in advance and we’d always stand together in the front to pick up the choreography as best we could. Needless to say, Chio was on the top of my list for classes to take once I got here.

Last week there was a sub for her classes, but Tuesday as I walked down the hall towards the window that looks into Studio 3, there she was doing the same warm-up she’d always do with us back home. To my surprise, Chio looked over as I walked towards the window and waved! She’d remembered me!

Tuesday and Wednesday I watched her classes anticipation building for today when I would finally get to be in class instead of sitting outside, watching.

It was awesome. When I walked into the studio Chio came over, gave me a hug, and asked how I was, how long I’d be in the city, etc. Class was great. It was like being back at my home studio doing the familiar warm-up. I loved the choreography, we danced to “Forever and a Day” by Kelly Rowland. I can’t believe I’m going to be able to take her class at least once a week! Life is unreal.

Today was Thursday so that meant that after work it was time to shower, eat, and head over to campus for my painting class!

I’ve decided my professor’s favorite word is “resolve.” Examples:

  1. “You need to think about how you’re going to resolve this.” **gestures broadly at canvas**
  2. “I like how this has been resolved.” **contemplates canvas**
  3. “I think you need to concentrate on resolving this area.” **gestures broadly at canvas**

She also managed to say “streamless” instead of “seamless” several times. While I bit my tongue to keep myself from laughing, I discretely looked around the room. No one was phased.

She continues to baffle me.

I did however, finish my first painting, the Geometric Still Life! And, as promised, I shall reveal it here, but please, please, please remember I have never painted anything in my life before.

Not terrible. Gotta start somewhere right? I mean it’s sorta distinguishable, right? I think the one on the front left came out the best. And, on the bright side, there’s a lot of room for improvement. 🙂


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