I stayed late at work today because I had the opportunity to watch rehearsals for an event tomorrow night! Madonna’s daughter is launching her clothing line at Macy’s so they’re having a big launch party and it wouldn’t be a party without dancers!

So last week there were second round auditions for the dancers (which I got to help with and watch!) and yesterday and today were rehearsals for the performance tomorrow night.

The rehearsal went late so I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but the 45 minutes I did stay and watch were really good. The choreography was so intricate and fast I couldn’t believe how much they’d learned in just one night of rehearsal! I really hope I’ll get to catch a video of the final product since I don’t think I’m on the guest list for Madonna’s party, ha.

Anyway, all of that isn’t even the coolest part. Because as I type this rehearsal is still going on and MADONNA HERSELF IS THERE.

The Madonna.

And I’m sitting here in the Bronx because I didn’t want to take the subway too late.

Rookie mistake.

April, my supervisor, just texted me to tell me that she showed up unannounced and came to watch rehearsal. So freaking cool! I wish I had stayed but at the same time I would’ve been so embarrassed to meet her in my sweaty dance clothes, smelling disgusting from two dance classes. Still though.


I have the coolest job ever.


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