Home, Sweet Home

And so begins another week in NYC.

The weekend was great. After work on Friday I hopped on the Metro North to New Haven where my dad picked me up and brought me home for the night. Joey met me at home and joined my  mom, my dad, my aunt, and I for a delicious Carmine’s dinner cooked by none other than my mom, who has recently discovered her culinary talents (note…after all her children have left for school. Thanks, Mom.).

Joey and I spent Friday night at home so I was able to go to the Cornfest (a local fair/festival/gathering) and see my old high school dance team perform! They did a great job and it made me feel very old since I only know a few girls on the team now (the current seniors were freshmen when I was a senior). I bought a lovely bracelet at their booth which I’ve added to my extensive collection (three on each wrist now!).

Saturday night Joey and I went to UCONN to hang out and I got to see all his suite-mates (“suite”-ies) for the first time since the spring.

It was nice to finally make it home and to UCONN for a weekend, though they both stand in stark contrast to my life in NYC now. The first thing I noticed when I got out of the car in front of the house was how fresh everything smelled. It was so weird to be back in my hometown where everyone knows everyone unlike the city, where the odds of running into someone I know outside of work are slim to none. When I got back to the Bronx on Sunday night I had the realization that while, yes, I do love it here in the city, the semester will be just long enough for me to get my fill. Being here too long would begin to get lonely. It’ll be nice to get back to my small college where you know or recognize nearly everyone you pass walking to class.

But until then, I plan on continuing to thoroughly enjoy my semester here!

Sunday night my parents graciously drove me back to the city so I didn’t have to commute and we stopped and got dinner at…surprise, surprise…Carmine’s!

The "Four Pasta" special for Sunday night!

We got Dad’s favorite, the Carmine’s salad, my favorite, the garlic bread, and Mom’s favorite, the bolognese (which was part of the “Four Pasta” special). The entrée came in a massive bowl filled with manicotti, bolognese, ravioli and vegetable lasagna. It was delicious, as expected, and Mom and Dad took home enough leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day.

When we got back to the Bronx we took a little trip to Polambo’s for dessert where I got chocolate covered cheesecake. YUM.

I spent the rest of my Sunday evening taking care of the mountain of laundry I had accumulated and doing my homework for my painting class.

Grayscale! Ta-da!

This week’s assignment was to create a grayscale by mixing our black and white paint. We had to make like 30 of those little squares in varying shades of gray, then select 10-12 to complete our grayscale. I don’t think mine came out too bad…

In class we’ve been painting our geometric still-life. Mine’s a work in progress, I’d post the picture I took at the end of class Thursday but in its unfinished state it’s hard to tell what it is, so pictures of the completed project to follow (if you all promise not to laugh. I’m a beginner remember!).

I have yet to understand more than a few sentences of what my art professor tells us. I think she’s speaking another language that only artists understand? Our homework last week was to cut up our worst sketch and create something new out of it.

The result?



Don’t ask what the “after” is because I couldn’t tell you. If you look at it long enough it starts to look like an ocean scene, I think. And remember what I said about the original sketch…we were supposed to destroy our worst one…I swear some of my others looked better. Marginally.


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2 Responses to Home, Sweet Home

  1. Lauren Catalano says:

    Soo…you’re doing two of my favorite things in NYC – dancing and artsy things! This means I must start reading your blog on a regular basis. Don’t worry about the art classes…they are absurd but they definitely make you come out of your comfort zone which is a good thing in the end…right? haha So glad to hear you’re having fun 🙂

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