First Day of Work!

I was a little nervous about my first day of work but I totally had nothing to worry about. I showed up at the office at 12 and was immediately given stuff to do! I spent most of the day filling out scholarship stuff for different conventions, sending e-mails, and doing odd jobs for my supervisor.

On my first of two trips to the post office I sent a package to Wade Robeson! Any dancer ought to know who I’m talking about. He’s an amazing choreographer and dancer so I was taken aback when I was handed something addressed to him!

I got a break for dinner (Oreo cheesecake? amazing) then headed back to the studio where I got to watch class for a little before going back out with my supervisor. I watched a jazz class that Michelle Barber was taking (one of the many guest choreographers that has visited my home studio back in CT) that looked really awesome and made a mental note to take that class next week!

After all our work was done for the day my supervisor and I set out into the city for Fashion Night Out. Fashion Night Out is an event that pretty much anyone and everyone that has anything to do with fashion participates in. Tons of stores stay open late and host parties. Our job was to go around to various locations that had hired dancers from BDC to perform at their events. First was Time Square where a group of girls performed on the street. They did such a great job, especially considering they had no music!

Next was off to Sephora where a group of dancers performed to one of my favorite songs from the Step Up 3 soundtrack: This Instant. The dance was great, they danced on a grand staircase, through the store and out onto the sidewalk, much to the surprise of passerby. The event at Sephora was very elaborate. There was champagne, Perrier, and plates of Godiva treats. There was also a “Beauty Studio” that was doing makeovers on a long line of women.

Last stop was The Body Shop where dancers were free-styling on the front steps and in the windows to entertain those walking by and entice them to come into the store! My job was to use the Flip camera to record all the dances for my supervisor to use in various PR stuff.The dancers were all amazing. They knew how to work the crowd and the choreography was entertaining and very visual. I can only imagine what it would’ve been like if I didn’t know about Fashion Night Out and just happened upon a group performing on the street!

After much walking around, I was happy to head back to the house and take a load off!

Overall it was a great first day at work. Sorry no pictures, I was too busy with the Flip to take time to pull out my own camera!

Next week I start full time, Monday through Friday. I worked out my schedule so it’s a little more than half office time and the rest dance classes. It’s gonna be so great to be back in the studio, just watching all the performances today made me want to get back into the studio even more!


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One Response to First Day of Work!

  1. Marisa Montinieri says:

    sounded like you had an awesome day; I am so happy for you … enjoy the weekend honey .. XOXO Auntie M.

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