The Bronx Bakery Bonanza

All the other interns have officially started work! They come home each night with fun stories about their days, who they’ve met, what they’ve done, etc. Mostly everyone has had a great time but there were some scary first day stories which make me nervous for my first day (on Friday!).

I, however, have been left to my own devices in the Bronx. Yesterday I explored the college library (which is enormous) and ran some errands. Today though, I had a new adventure in mind. After spending midday on the roof catching some sun, I set out into our neighborhood.

I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I couldn’t help but notice how many local bakeries there are near our house. Joey and I tried Palombo this past weekend and it was great, so I simply had to see what the competition had to offer and crown the best bakery in our neighborhood!

I visited a total of 9 bakeries (no, I didn’t eat something from every stop…though I was tempted). And here I present the top three!

In third place, De Lillio’s Pastry Shop! De Lillio’s was a lovely authentic Italian pastry shop with every kind of those Italian cookies you could imagine. I got a slice of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting that was really decadent. I’d definitely go back and try some of their other cakes!

Runner up is Egidio Pastry Shop! Egidio had a lot of choices and a very friendly staff. I selected a chocolate mousse that was so light and fluffy and had a wonderful flavor. I especially liked that they kept their pastries fresh, but not cold from being over-refrigerated.There were so many other things I wanted to try like the Italian ice and gelato!

And the winner is…

**Drum roll please**

Polambo Pastry Shop! This is where Joey and I went this weekend. We got strawberry shortcake for dinner that night and today I sampled their powdered chocolate mousse. The first thing I love about Polambo is their cakes. They’re small cylindrical cakes that are the perfect size for two people to share. Polambo also has a great seating area that opens onto the street with cafe seating outside under an awning, perfect for gorgeous days like today! What gave Polambo an edge over the other bakeries I visited was the 20% discount the offer to students who show their ID for the nearby college. The little cake I got was $3.50 but with the 20% discount it was only $2.80 (and I know that math is right because the cashier made me do it for him!). Tasty treats + student discounts = the bakery bonanza winner!

Now, I didn’t take any pictures while on the hunt because I stick out enough as it is without whipping out my camera like a tourist. But I did snap this picture after I got home of the day’s treats! Or at least what was left of them!

Powdered Chocolate Mouse from Polambo, Red Velvet Cake from De Lillio's, and Chocolate Mousse from Egidio! Yum, Yum, Yum!


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  1. paulymont says:

    Another tough day in the Bronx!

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