Yup. I got lost. Or rather, Joey and I got lost, but it was 100% my fault.

See, we were heading back from Time Square and we got off the 4 train. Normally we take the 12 bus back to the house, but it was nice out and I thought we’d walk back. I was thinking that I’d done the walk before, but that’s where I was wrong. I’d walked to the D train before. Not the 4 train.

10 minutes into walking in the totally wrong direction, I’m thinking, this doesn’t look right. So we jump on a 12 bus which I thought would take us home. Only this 12 bus doesn’t bring us home, it brings us over the bridge back to Manhattan. So I call our RA who tells me to get off the bus, walk back to the overpass we just went under, take the 1 train to Target (where we were the other day) then take the 9 bus home.

It really wasn’t worth the full-scale mental panic attack I had. The directions back were perfect and we only had to walk through an unknown area for about five minutes. Joey was with me so I wasn’t alone, but that didn’t stop my heart from pounding until I stepped foot inside the house again. When we approached the red door of the house I had to breathe a sigh of relief, I had never been so happy to see that door! There’s really nothing worse than that first feeling of realizing you don’t know where you are.

5 lbs of chocolate!

Other than that mishap though, Joey and I had a great weekend together! We had to go to Time Square since Joey hadn’t been there in almost ten years! We sat in Time Square for a while and walked through the Hershey store where we found this massive bar of chocolate! We also checked out the Discovery Channel’s King Tut Exhibit. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures otherwise this post would be crammed full of them. There were tons of artifacts that were taken right from King Tut’s tomb, even some things that he wore during his lifetime. The coolest part of the exhibit was the exact replica of King Tut’s mummy at the end. It was totally creepy but so interesting to learn about. The exhibit was one of those totally nerdy things that I knew I would love. I was so glad I had Joey to go with me since I knew he would appreciate it as much as I did!

Sweet lab coat.

At the end of the exhibit there was a Discovery Channel gift shop where I was so tempted to buy this Mythbusters Lab Coat! Mythbusters is one of my favorite nerdy shows but this lab coat was $70 (yikes NYC prices!) so I had to pass.

Yesterday Joey and I had a very relaxing day. We stayed in bed way too late and watched Toy Story 3 (which was so cute!). For dinner we cooked up some really delicious pasta a la vodka. We went to the grocery store and came back with all the ingredients for pasta, garlic bread, and salad! We even stopped in a bakery on the way home that had a 20% discount for students (dangerous) and got some awesome strawberry shortcake for dessert.

While we were busy whipping up some dinner, the rest of my family was down in New Jersey moving in my sister to her college dorm room. Sounds like it went pretty well and now my parents are empty nest-ers!

Mom and Dad enjoying the pasta!

They already don’t know what to do with themselves so they stopped in the city on the way home. Joey and I met them in Time Square and we had lunch at my favorite New York restaurant: Carmine’s!

After being thoroughly stuffed at Carmine’s I had to show my mom that cafe where I got the York Cupcake. She got one for the road since we couldn’t even think about eating dessert after spaghetti and meatballs.

This week the interns start work at their various sites. Some have already started and the last one to start will be me on Friday. Until then I have a few more things to do around the Bronx!


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One Response to Lost

  1. Marisa Montinieri says:

    Mere ~ loved the update but thank heavens you were with Joey when you got lost. It is not a good feeling when you are somewhere that you know you don’t recognize ! Happens to me almost every day!! LOL When we were at Bailey’s tourney in Lancaster, MA this weekend, everyone got to the fields okay from hotel (30 min.) except for me…I made it to the game by the half and everyone was looking at me like I had 3 heads! I got LOST with NAVIGATION!!! Swear to you…Anyways keep those blogs coming and I am still working on that cemetary – I think it is St. Raymonds but I will make sure before you ever try and find it….Love ya lots, Auntie M.

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