The interns left the United States…

…and traveled to the UN!

We got up bright and early and took the train to the UN! Since the UN is considered international territory it’s not United States territory, therefore, we left the country to go there! We had a very friendly tour guide who showed us around the whole UN building, except for one area that was under construction. He talked into a small microphone clipped to his jacket and we all wore headphones so we could hear him no matter where we stood. This allowed all the tour guides to talk very quietly so if you took off your headphones, even though there were tours all around, it was practically silent in the building.

The guide talked about the purpose of the UN and showed us through halls depicting  Peacekeeping efforts (in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, for one, which I did a group project on last spring!), Millennium Development Goals (which I also learned about last year in my LC!), and a particularly intense hall filled with weapon paraphernalia. The guide talked about the different weapons being used today and how cheap they are to make, but expensive to disarm. There was even a stone statue that had survived a war but the whole backside had been melted by a blast.

My favorite part of the tour was the Human Rights exhibit. There was a whole hall with each of the Human rights framed like the one in the picture.

The tour was very interesting but a little disheartening. For all the peacekeeping efforts going on, there sure seems to be a lot of turmoil in the world. Even though the tour talked about progress being made, I still couldn’t help but feel like there was a long way to go before the world saw peace after walking through the War Zone hall.

As we left the UN there was a gallery of photographs that the interns all cruised around before we left. The pictures were startlingly raw and depicted some really intense scenes. The photographs had varied subject matter but they were all blunt, cutting straight to whatever point they were trying to make. One in particular that stood out to me was a series of photographs about the process of slaughtering a cow for meat. The pictures were very graphic, but the message was clear: that we are ignorant to this process when all we do is pick up nicely packaged meat at the grocery store. The photos really left me feeling speechless and I could tell a lot of the interns were similarly effected.

After our intense tour of the UN it was time to lighten the mood a little. We took a crosstown bus to Time Square and went to Olive Garden to eat. I devoured two bread sticks before the salad even got passed to me. The downside of the menu at the Olive Garden is that some brilliant mind decided to put the calories of each meal next to the price on the menu.


I know I eat a lot of food. I know I shouldn’t inhale five bread sticks. But is it really necessary to make it known that one bread stick alone is 150 calories? And the dessert menu! Obviously, if I’m looking to get dessert, I do not care about calories. So why print that the one I’m thinking about contains 900 of them? Cruel. It didn’t matter in the end since I was informed that, because of my allergies, none of the desserts were safe for me to eat, but still!

Stupid allergies.

After we were all sufficiently stuffed we headed back into Time Square where we spotted…

The Naked Cowgirl!

I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to snap a shot, but if I ever see her again I will try to get one. Though, admittedly, I’m not sure if you’d want to see. The Naked Cowgirl is about as close to naked as possible, wearing just bikini bottoms and pasties. And the woman isn’t exactly perky. The interns wondered how she wasn’t arrested for indecent exposure…but I guess that’s NYC for you!

On our way back to the house, some of the girls stopped at Target to pick up a few odds and ends. I got the curtains I wanted for my room!

Ahh, much better

They just sort of tie together the room. Plus those blinds were disgusting. I also got some command hooks to put up my Christmas lights! Which make the room a little more fun!

When we got back from Target, a group of the interns had to head out for our first class! I’m taking Beginner’s Painting. I’m not artistically gifted, but my sister is, so I’m hoping I can channel some of her abilities during this class.

The class seems like it’s going to be great, only I have a three page supply list that’s really going to put a dent in my checking account. I miss school supply lists that included scissors, pens, pencils, paper, crayons and glue. Now I have to get acrylic paint, brushes, canvas, and water containers. Though my class still sounds better than what some of the other interns are stuck with.

The next few days the interns have to themselves as there’s nothing planned for us, which means…Joey’s coming to visit! He’s taking the train later today and I’ll meet him in Grand Central. I can’t wait for him to finally see everything I’ve been talking about for the last week!

In the meantime the interns try to stay dry as Hurricane Earl is headed our way. I won’t mind some rain though, it’s been too hot!


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One Response to The interns left the United States…

  1. julie Montinieri says:

    Sounds like a great day. Have fun with Jpoey (typo but funny so I’ll leave it). Nico is coming home from UCONN tonight, Taylor is here after her first 3 days of her senior year. Spent the afternoon tracking down a tailor who would lengthen M’s dance pants. Looks like Earl is going to miss us.

    XXXOOO mom

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