To the Zoo!

The intern's adventure for today? The Bronx Zoo!

Let’s start off by stating three important facts:

1) We left the house at 10:00 am.

2) The temperature at 10:00 am was 85°.

3) The temperature when we got back 5 hours later was 95º.

Despite the fact that I was covered with a constant sheen of sweat (we walked to the zoo, walked all around it, and walked home) for the entire day, the zoo was a lot of fun. We interspersed the outside exhibits with indoor ones like the primate house, the bird house, and Madagascar so we wouldn’t pass out in the heat.

The sea lions were such performers!

One of my favorite animals we saw was the sea lion. They were swimming around in a big, outdoor pool (which started to look really inviting after a few minutes in the beating sunlight), and would occasionally pop their heads up or let out a bark. One sea lion in particular seemed to love the spotlight and hopped right up on the edge of the pool to general applause and oohs and aahs. The other sea lions caught on, and a few tried to mimic the first lion after they saw that we liked it so much.

The grizzlies also took to the water today (did I mention it was hot?). They were really playful, swiping at each other and horsing around in the water.

I wasn't so tempted to jump in with these guys...

The other bear we saw, the Polar bear, seemed a little worn out. Probably due to the heat. He was taking a snooze on a rock in his exhibit.

One group of monkeys were the polar opposite of the Polar bear. They would barely sit still for a picture, which is why I recorded 30 seconds of them running around their exhibit instead!

They were so cute! Monkeys are definitely one of my favorite animals at the zoo. Since we were all hungry (and hot) we ate lunch at the Dancing Crane Cafe. After I fueled up on some chicken tenders and fries, I was ready to take on part II of the zoo!

We got a break from walking when we took the monorail around the Asian animals exhibit. We saw a tiger, wild horses, elephants, and my favorite animal: the red panda!

So precious!

He was up in a tree right in front of the monorail, I barely even zoomed in to get this picture!

After the monorail we looped back around and saw the Himalayan animals exhibit then called it a day. We saw so many other animals like a gorilla, a snow leopard, panthers, a mongoose, giraffes, zebras, rodents (ew), a million different monkeys, tons of birds, a bald eagle, flamingos, hyenas (which are way bigger in real life than they are in The Lion King, what the hell, Disney?), a rhino, frogs, fish, crocodiles, and probably a lot more that I’m forgetting.

All the pictures I couldn’t fit on here are on my Facebook page, so check ’em out! Your favorite animal is probably in there somewhere 🙂


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  1. paulymont says:

    Mere: awesome blog: love the video…we got the “hot part”

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