Striking out on my own!

Alright, so the posting in the morning thing isn’t going to work out. This morning I was literally eating oatmeal on the go because I didn’t leave enough time to write. Solution: two posts today, and regular posting will be in the afternoon/evenings from now on.


Started off the day with a trial run to BDC. The interns and our RA headed out together then slowly separated as we branched off around Manhattan to our various internship sites.

No, this is not a snazzy Subway sandwich shop, it's the stop I'll be using daily!

We rode the bus and the 4 train, then from Grand Central I took the shuttle to Time Square (7th and 42nd) and walked to BDC from there.

When I left the subway station I needed to get my bearings so I just started walking. I quickly realized I was going the wrong way. Rather than awkwardly stopping and turning around on the spot, I continued walking in a circle around the block, back to where I started. I doubt anyone noticed. Oops.

After that one mishap I knew where I was and struck out for BDC. About 5 minutes later I was outside the door watching two girls, who were clearly dancers (their hair was slicked back into pony-tails), go inside. Well, that was easy, I thought.

Paradise in cupcake form.

I didn’t have to meet the rest of the interns for a while, so I perused Time Square and got myself a bag better suited for the city (across the chest rather than off the shoulder).

After my purchase it was time to get lunch with the other interns. We went to Europa Cafe where I got a nice turkey wrap and a York Cupcake.

Yes, that means a cupcake, frosted with mint frosting and topped York Peppermint Patties. In case you don’t know me, my favorite dessert combo is mint and chocolate. I was in heaven. Dangerous that the cafe is two seconds from BDC.

Life-size WHALE!

The gargantuan whale!

Our next stop was the Museum of Natural History, which I’ve been to before but not since I was a lot younger. There were a ton of exhibits to see but two of my favorite were the Biodiversity Exhibit and the Gems and Minerals exhibit.

My favorite gem (and my birthstone), the amethyst!

The exhibit next to Biodiversity had an enormous life-size whale in it! I couldn’t get the whole thing into a picture!

I spent a while walking around on my own then joined up with the rest of the interns to go through all the dinosaur exhibits. We asked a security guard to take our photo and he got a little over-enthusiastic.

He insisted we climb up onto one of the exhibits in front of the skeleton of a huge dinosaur.

The interns (minus two!)

“Are you sure we’re allowed to do that?”

“I’m the guard, if I say you can do it, you can do it.”

So we climbed up next to the dinosaur for the picture and promptly set off an alarm. This seemed to bother other guests at the museum more than the guard, who just waved it off and proceeded to take the picture for us.

The guys, chillin' in a clam

By the end of the dinosaur exhibit, we were all exhausted. Everyone else got to take the D train home, but I had to take the C back to BDC to meet my supervisor as well as everyone else in the office!

I’m pleased to report my supervisor is really nice, as was everyone else I met today. It sounds like the internship is going to be a perfect fit for me, so I’m really excited to go back on the 10th and get started!

It’s weird to be reading other posts and hearing from my friends who are moving [back] into college dorms! It seems like everyone’s either left this past weekend or about to leave in the next few days. It’s hard to imagine myself going through a normal semester now that I’m here doing the city thing. Still, good luck to all the college kids moving back to college campuses or going away for the first time!


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  1. julie Montinieri says:

    Doll — I didn’t realize it was a York cupcake! YUMMY! KK!

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