Conquering the Subway

Before yesterday, if someone said the word “subway,” I would imagine a nice, foot-long turkey sandwich with lettuce, mayonnaise, and mustard.

What I wouldn’t picture was a tangled web of colored lines strewn across the New York area.

Yesterday, the interns tackled the subway. We rode the D train from the Bronx into Manhattan. We walked to Grand Central Station (which really is grand) and took the 4 train then the 12 bus home.

Grand Central

I’m not a big fan of the D train, it’s pretty grimy and very deserted. The 4 train was much nicer. It was clean and bright and had a nice LED screen that displayed what stop we were at and which one was next.

We also spent a good amount of time touring our neighborhood. There are so many little shops, restaurants, bakeries, you name it. I’m definitely eager to try out some of the bakeries which look really authentic, especially down in the Little Italy area. When we walked to the D train we passed a market selling everything from fresh fruit, to earrings, to belts, to necklaces. There were men outside every shop with signs urging customers to come and check out what they had.

Definitely worth checking out, hahaha

It’s hard to see in the picture, but one shop even boasted “butt boosting jeans” which gave us all a laugh.

Between the tours of Manhattan, the Bronx and the college we’ll be taking class at, we were totally wiped by the end of the day.

Today we strike out on our own (instead of in the group) to try to make it to our internship sites. I spent far too long yesterday on trying to map out my route to and from BDC. I planned the route there and back, google-mapped the bus stop and subway locations, and even looked at the intimidating map we got in our welcome folders. But after all that, I asked our RA if the route looked okay and she recommended another, faster, route that HopStop didn’t.

So that’s the route I’ll be taking when I head out to Time Square today! I’m going with two other interns to Grand Central (always good to use the buddy system!) then heading over to BDC.

I found out yesterday I won’t be starting my internship officially until September 10th, so in the meantime I need some fun things to do while in the city! I’m sure the list is endless, so if you have suggestions, leave ’em!

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2 Responses to Conquering the Subway

  1. Da College Kid says:

    The subways are impossible to navigate! I just learned yesterday as well. I took the D train into the city for my physical therapy. And you’re right, the D is one grimy subway.

  2. Hi there. Keep those blogs coming; they are awesome. If you are trying to kill time and you have a friend with you, the cemetary where Uncle Neil’s grandparents are buried is not too far from you. I need your “new” address also Mere if you can email it to me. If you find the Cemetary or it actually might be a Saint’s name. I will get more info and forward to you, there is a HUGE cemetary piece with the name ESPOSITO by the fence/road and that is where Neil “Red” and Anna Esposito are buried. I will be back to you. Love ya lots, Auntie M.

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