Not In Kansas Anymore

The beautiful room 26 🙂

Moved in yesterday in such a whirlwind of activity I didn’t get the time to write anything on my first day in the Bronx! But now I’m up pretty early since we get a tour of the campus we’ll be taking classes at at 9:00 am.

The Bronx is not my school in MA. It’s also not my hometown in CT. The Bronx is urban, diverse, and loaded with culture. There’s a Little Italy the street over from us run by Albanians. There’s Mexicans living down the street. Hispanics and African-Americans are our neighbors. It’s sort of pathetic that I’ve never had to live among this kind of diversity before. My college in MA is notoriously white, catholic, middle class so the change is drastic. But I love it.

I’ll admit there was a moment of panic. When we pulled up to the house with my college’s banner flying out front, I took in, for the first time, where I’d be calling home for the next four months. My initial reaction: What am I getting myself into!?

But as I was shown into the house and directed to my room, that feeling began to ebb away. My room was a little dark at first, but when I unpacked all my stuff it felt better. I still want to get some curtains though. And that paneled wall needs some sprucing up.

As the other eleven interns arrived at the house I recognized most of them from the last two years at school. I’ve met almost all of them now and heard about what they’ll be doing for their internships. There are people working at NBC, at magazines, at programs to mentor pregnant teens and teen moms, marketing firms, law firms…you name it. We’ll all be in the Manhattan area for the most part, which means we’ll be commuting together.

Speaking of commuting. My worst fear right now is the train/subway/bus system. Our “welcome” folder included a map of the subway system on one side and a map of trains and buses on the other. This is the subway side:

Just a little bit more complicated than Boston’s Red and Green lines.

During our first house meeting, our “RA” threw around about fifty different means of transportation. The shuttle the college provides, the D train, the 4 train, the subway, this stop, that station…I was utterly lost.

Today, though, we’re going to have a ton of time to explore and learn the subway system first hand. I think that will be easier than trying to discern a map.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Check out Van Gogh’s painting of his room. It is not dissimilar.

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