It’s Official…

…I’ll be interning at the Broadway Dance Center in NYC!

After my two interviews today I was sure BDC was the right place for me. I’m so excited to start interning there! I’ll be doing work in various departments, different stuff every day so it’ll be anything but boring. I’ll also be doing a “work-study” type program where I’ll be earning dance classes. I’ll get to dance a lot while I’m there, which is pretty much the whole point! I’m so pumped to be working at BDC and hopefully I’ll be able to learn a lot while I’m there which will definitely be valuable down the road!

To prepare for my interviews I did a lot of reading online and found this helpful and entertaining.

Now that I have an internship (cutting it only a tad close), the reality of NYC is sinking in all too late. I still have a lot of packing to do. I also had a horrible realization today, what if I need office attire? Does working at a studio require dress pants? Pencil skirts? Blouses? If so, I’m royally screwed and need to go shopping immediately. I asked my supervisor via email today what the dress code is and I’m keeping my fingers crossed I won’t need to blow half my checking account on dress clothes.

I tried to make a list of things I need to do before I leave (I’m a big fan of lists), but every time I go to add to it, I can’t seem to remember anything besides “pack.” But without fail, every time I’m away from my desk, I’m stampeded with odd and end things that need to go on the list. I’ve taken to carrying around a notebook which currently has nine things on the “Pre-NYC Departure” list.

Since my To-Do list has pretty much looked like this all summer:

I’m panicking just a little.

2 Days. Too much to do.

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