Speeding Tickets Suck

Few people have never gotten a speeding ticket. If you have gotten a speeding ticket, let me give you a piece of advice I learned today. If you’ve gotten a ticket and are going to go to court over it, do not show up late. They skip over your name and you end up waiting forever for them to come back to you. Lesson learned the hard way.

Last spring, April 5th, 2010 to be precise, I was pulled over for speeding on the way back to school.

Yes, I was going way too fast.

No, I wasn’t paying attention otherwise why would I be going 84 in a 65?

Paying the ticket wasn’t my biggest worry, though it was a hefty chunk of change, it was the points I was worried about that would inevitably make my insurance skyrocket. So, I sent back the ticket requesting a hearing, which was today.

8:30 this morning I’m on the road to Framingham, MA. My dad went with me to the court-house, but I wouldn’t let him come in the room with me. I’m not sure that would’ve even been allowed, but regardless, I’m 20 years old, and I wanted to handle it myself.

While I was waiting for my name to be called I imagined what the court room would look like behind that wooden door with the sign that said “Quiet, Court Room In Use.” I pictured the worst-case-scenario, naturally. A high-ceiling room, with rows of benches and a long aisle that I have to walk down before facing a mean-looking judge leering down at me.

My heart was pounding when my name was called. But the “court room” was little more than a conference room with two guys in it. I sat in front of an officer and the magistrate and they recounted what I did wrong.

I asked for them to “consider leniency,” which they did, and I got off with the minimum amount of damage and nothing on my record (which, I found out, wouldn’t have happened anyway since MA doesn’t report points like that back to CT).

The actual time in the court room was pretty painless, but still, the moral of the story is: don’t get a speeding ticket. It’s a hassle to go to court, sit there forever, plea your case when it’s finally your turn, and there’s no way you’re going to get off with nothing. I’m still blowing a good night’s worth of tips on this stupid ticket. Plus, it’s just good sense. Drive safely folks.

And in case you’re wondering, I did check for a vanilla kreme (creme?) donut while I was in MA. No luck.

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