Blue Horizon

My grandpa named my car inadvertently. When he saw the car for the first time he exclaimed, “It’s like a blue horizon!” and it pretty much stuck.

For four years I’ve driven my blue Honda civic coupe all over New England, to school, to dance, to work, to visit friends and to visit family. Today I had to turn her in, as the lease was up for the second time (we extended the two-year lease back in 2008). I emptied her out at the dealership and had to hand in my keys. Before I got into my mom’s car, I gave Blue Horizon a pat on the hood and couldn’t help but feel as if I were abandoning my car.

Probably taken on an evening run to Coldstone or something...notice the eyes on the road...

Blue Horizon and I have shared some good times. She survived three scavenger hunts, countless trips to college, and dozens of trips to the beach. I got one speeding ticket while driving her (gotta deal with that on Thursday…stupid court date). I backed into a friend’s car only once (sorry, JR). I never had a major accident. She never gave me engine, tire, muffler, transmission, or break problems; or any problems for that matter. Blue Horizon was the perfect first car.

Definitely belting out some Miley lyrics

Blue Horizon has listened to my angelic voice for many a road trip and never complained.

Halloween + Digital photo project = Supergirl and her sidekick Honda!

She even played an integral role in a digital photography project back in junior year of high school. It was during this project that I dubbed Go by Kelly Clarkson my car’s theme song, and it was this song that I played on repeat for the 15 minute drive to the dealership today.

I won’t need a car in NYC (6 days – BAHHGGGRRRHHH!!!), so I wouldn’t have been able to bring Blue Horizon with me anyway, but it’ll still be weird to look out the window and not see her parked in the driveway.


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