The countdown begins: 9

Last day of work was yesterday! Had a good amount of tables and a nice late lunch rush. Other than the fact that our floor manager promised me ice cream on my last day and forgot, it was a good day.

I did, however, have two tables that made me want to edit Restaurant Etiquette. Table number one was a lovely reservation for eight. We happened to have several big lunch reservations yesterday. Our floor manager split up the dining room so each server would have one big table in their section. I had the patio, the 8-top reservation, and four other tables inside.

The 8-top was due in at noon. Noon comes and goes, 12:30 comes and goes, it’s now 1:00 and this reservation hasn’t shown up. Not only that, but they didn’t call to cancel and they wouldn’t return our calls to the number they left.


Maybe they didn’t realize we were holding two 4-top tables for them that we could have been seating people at. Maybe they didn’t realize I was now jipped a big party when the other two servers got one. Moral of the story? If you aren’t going to show up for your reservation, cancel it!

Table number two wanted to play musical chairs more than they wanted to eat. There was a reservation for six that we planned to put at table 101. Three of the six arrive and are seated. About five minutes later, three people arrive, and ask to be seated outside. They say they are waiting for a few more. I get all the drinks for the table outside when table 101 realizes that the rest of their party is sitting outside. Nice coordination.

So table 101 moves outside to join table 310. They all rearrange so my seat numbers are messed up. I spend several minutes getting drink orders for the newcomers and mentally reassigning seat numbers while Francis transfers table 101’s check to table 310.

No big deal, I get the other drinks, am about to head outside, when what do I see? But table 310 parading back inside to table 101.


So I drop off the drinks at table 101, where they’ve now moved to. They wanted to order but I had to inform them that because they are now seated inside, Francis will be their server since they are not in my section.

“Oh, sorry,” one of them says, with no real enthusiasm. Whatever. So now I transfer 310 back to 101, tell Francis she has the table again, then have to go reset table 310. Meanwhile my other tables are being thoroughly ignored due to this 6-top’s indecision.

Moral of the story, if you want to change tables, follow the example of table 308. The two women at 308 politely asked if they could move inside. I said of course, and they asked me to direct them to a table where they would still be in my section. Ah, consideration. What a wonderful thing.

At the end of my shift, I was happy with my last day and made more than enough tips to put gas in my car for this weekend. Today I’ll be dropping off a friend at school then going to visit some school friends for the night. Tomorrow morning it’s up bright and early with my sister to head to Vermont for the only family function we’ve been able to make it to.

It’ll be a lot of driving time but it will be worth it! This is the last time I’ll see my college friends before we scatter all over the globe for the fall semester (we’ll be in MA, DC, Ireland, Italy and New York), and I haven’t gotten to see my mom’s side of the family since Christmas.

No posts for a few days…

9 days until NYC!


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