Down to the Wire

So much news to share!

First (and most importantly) I returned home last night to discover two emails containing fantastic news. As you all know, I will be heading to NYC in the fall to intern for the semester. Up until this point I’ve had NO IDEA where I’d be interning but last night I got word that I will be interviewing with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, the Elisa Monte Dance Company and the Broadway Dance Center.


While this doesn’t make anything definite, it was so wonderful to get new regarding NYC since I’m leaving in 11 days! News to follow on how these interviews go, of course! Wish me luck!

The next bit of fun news is that I got a new phone! I said bye-bye to my Blackberry and hello to the Samsung Reality:

So far I am in love with this new phone. It’s simpler than my old Blackberry, less expensive, and has bigger keys. I like the touchscreen a lot, but I still use the keyboard to text. I was also very impressed with the camera which I let a Six Flags employee use to snap a picture of Kayla and I with Daffy and Taz! The only problem is I can’t seem to get this picture off my phone…hmmm…

Six Flags was very fun, but very crowded…which surprised me considering it’s Wednesday. We didn’t get to go on Bizarro (aka Superman) because the line was at least a two-hour wait. We did make it onto my favorite ride, Batman, after an hour wait. We did get to sit in the front row where I was treated to Kayla’s shrieks for the entire ride. We definitely made our way to Blizzard River and the log flume ride just so we could cool down, it was sweltering.

And my final bit of fun and exciting news is that my tickets for the So You Think You Can Dance tour at Radio City came today! That will be something to look forward to once I move to NYC!

I apologize for the information overload in one blog post, but time seems to be flying by at warp speed the closer I get to the 29th.Tomorrow’s my  last day of work then I’ll have more time to tie up loose ends before the big move!


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