In case you haven’t gotten your daily dose of cute…

In the last two weeks of the summer I have two days of work.

Even though I stay extremely busy with a rigorous schedule of eating, reading, and Facebook creeping, I get pretty bored. The weekends are good, but during the week no one has stepped up their laziness to my level. Everyone still has to go to work! Over-achievers.

I have a solution to this problem.

I want a puppy.

The only pet I ever had was a fish. She lived for a few months. I’m allergic to cats and I can’t cuddle with any sort of reptile. My mom stamped out the idea of a dog long ago since she wouldn’t tolerate a puppy ripping into her couches.

I’m thinking that after watching these she might start to change her mind though.

Seriously, if you didn’t awww at any of those, you have no soul.

Yes, aside from a puppy forcing me to pry myself off the couch, who wouldn’t love that much cuteness crammed into everyday life? I wonder if puppies are allowed in the house I’ll be living in in two weeks exactly…one can only hope.


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