Everyone has the kind of days I had today. One thing goes wrong and it just weighs on you for the majority of the day.

I got through the work day, no issues. No appearances by the CCL (If I didn’t know the CCL lived here in CT, I’d say this Ohio Lady was her – thanks for the link, dad hahaha). But I was still constantly aware of what went on this morning, like a pesky rock in my shoe.

When I talked to a friend, she wisely suggested I do something fun to de-stress. “Go get your nails done!” While this was an excellent suggestion I happen to have just painted my nails with new polish yesterday, so I opted for my #1 make-me-feel-better activity.

The studio.

Kayla and I went in a little after five and Kay was on a freaking’ roll!! She cranked out a two-minute dance by 7:30, and it was freaking great. Nothing like dancing in shorts and a sports bra and sweating your brains out to get the mind off things.

I haven’t danced since camp so it was wonderful to be back in the studio and just moving again. I like going with my friends because it’s unstructured. We can do whatever we feel like, stretch as long as we want, and take as long as we need. Dancing like we did tonight isn’t about perfect technique, the highest jumps, or perfectly pointed toes (something I need to work on – oops), it’s just dancing for the sake of expression. Getting it all out, whatever it happens to be. Today it was frustration, anxiety, and sadness, but by the end of the two and a half hours, I was a new woman!

Here’s the fruits of our labor for you to enjoy 🙂


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