The CCL Saga Continues

If you were like me, you were thoroughly amused by the antics of the Crazy Crostino Lady (the CCL), but figured the story ended there. Even though the CCL left the restaurant close to tears on Saturday, I figured we’d heard the last of the incident.


The CCL struck again today. The fact that a manager never called her back peeved her a tad, so she screamed into our manager’s ear for fifteen minutes on the phone this morning.

CCL made a couple of demands.

First, she wanted a refund for her entire meal, which was probably a little over $70. The manager explained that she was sorry but that decision rested with the owner. It’s unlikely she’ll get a refund since the CCL, her friend, and her husband did actually eat all the food they got on Saturday.

Second, the CCL wanted her waitress fired. Now, hold up. The waitress they had has been here all summer without a single issue. And, as recapped in “The CCL” part I, she was extremely polite despite being verbally abused by the CCL. Surviving serving the CCL deserves a medal of honor, not a last paycheck.

The CCL must have no life and must be really miserable. Or else why would she let some cold crostinos shatter her Saturday evening? And not even only her Saturday evening, because from what the manager told us after speaking to her, the CCL must have been brooding the rest of the weekend just waiting to pounce come Monday morning.

Beyond being miserable herself, she clearly wishes to inflict as much distress on those around her as possible. Saturday she made a scene, resulting in a rather awkward few minutes for those tables seated near her. Before ranting at the podium she demanded the attention of each server and eventually the manager. Instead of letting the matter drop she ranted for another ten minutes at the front of the restaurant (which was really unnecessary, we got the point). Then she probably spent her Sunday letting all her anger get pent-up so she could unleash it on our manager today.

The poor CCL. Hopefully this will be my last entry about her. I’ve only got three more shifts at the restaurant this summer so my odds of running into her are slim, thankfully.

On a happier note, the promotion we were doing with the special menu ended last night. And from the reviews, I think the CCL was the only one disappointed. Check us out here!


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