5, 6, 7, 8, break!

High points of camp:

  • Watching one of my team members dance on her crutches surrounded by cheering campers and laughing to the point of tears.
  • Getting to know all our amazing new freshmen!
  • Getting a chance to do an activity with two of my best friends and sister, each of whom is on a different team.
  • Getting a Spirit Stick on the first night!
  • A surprise visit from an alum!
  • Seeing how well our 2010-2011 team works together after only three days together.
  • Performing our Team Dance as well as we could have imagined.
  • Receiving 2nd place in division II for Team Dance, a bronze bid to Nationals, recognition of two members of our team as All Americans, and one member as the camp’s Top Gun Leaper!

Camp was long, hard, stressful and exhausting but worth every bit of the effort we put into it. We learned four routines over the course of two days and performed two of those at evaluations on the last day. Between breakfast at 7:00am until our last activity of the day at 8:30pm, we learned choreography, performed, practiced, and worked on technique. After the last activity of the day, teams would stay in the gym until it closed at 10:00pm then move outside onto the muddy, wet grass to keep perfecting both Game Day and Team dance. At 11:30pm when we finally called it quits, it was all I could do to keep from falling asleep standing up in the shower.

All things considered, our team performed amazingly and I am so proud of everyone, especially our freshmen. Camp is hell on earth, even for those of us who’ve gone through it three or four times already. The freshmen were asked to perfect styles that they may have never even seen before, let alone performed, and they rose magnificently to the challenge.

The competition was fierce at final evaluations with a lot of new teams that weren’t at camp last year. This meant that getting a silver or gold bid to Nationals (which would mean that some or even most expenses would be covered) was a lot harder. Receiving the bronze bid means we get to go to Nationals, but it’ll take a great deal of fund-raising efforts so the out-of-pocket costs aren’t through the roof.

Every year camp kicks my ass. I leave feeling bruised, battered, sore, and completely wiped out. I wonder how on earth I was ever looking forward to camp just a few days earlier. But come next summer, though I will remember how I’m feeling even as I’m sitting here writing this covered in bruises, the memories of all fun parts of camp will outweigh that. That’s why camp can only be once a year, it takes that long to recover from it and then get back to looking forward to it. 🙂


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