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Striking out on my own!

Alright, so the posting in the morning thing isn’t going to work out. This morning I was literally eating oatmeal on the go because I didn’t leave enough time to write. Solution: two posts today, and regular posting will be … Continue reading

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Conquering the Subway

Before yesterday, if someone said the word “subway,” I would imagine a nice, foot-long turkey sandwich with lettuce, mayonnaise, and mustard. What I wouldn’t picture was a tangled web of colored lines strewn across the New York area. Yesterday, the … Continue reading


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Not In Kansas Anymore

Moved in yesterday in such a whirlwind of activity I didn’t get the time to write anything on my first day in the Bronx! But now I’m up pretty early since we get a tour of the campus we’ll be … Continue reading

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See ya, CT

This time tomorrow I’ll be en-route to NYC. I should be all packed and ready to go but I woke up this morning feeling like my left eyeball was on fire. So it was off to a walk in place … Continue reading

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It’s Official…

…I’ll be interning at the Broadway Dance Center in NYC! After my two interviews today I was sure BDC was the right place for me. I’m so excited to start interning there! I’ll be doing work in various departments, different … Continue reading

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Speeding Tickets Suck

Few people have never gotten a speeding ticket. If you have gotten a speeding ticket, let me give you a piece of advice I learned today. If you’ve gotten a ticket and are going to go to court over it, … Continue reading

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Dunkin’s Response

I’m impressed. Dunkin Donuts responded to my email in a more timely manner than some of internship contacts I’ve been in touch with this summer. DD responded to yesterday’s email with the following: Dear Meredith, Thank you for taking the … Continue reading

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What the hell Dunkin Donuts?

So elusive is my favorite donut that, when I Googled it, I couldn’t even find a photograph of it. I’m speaking, of course, of the Vanilla Kreme donut. It’s identical to its sister, the Chocolate Kreme (pictured above) except for … Continue reading

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Blue Horizon

My grandpa named my car inadvertently. When he saw the car for the first time he exclaimed, “It’s like a blue horizon!” and it pretty much stuck. For four years I’ve driven my blue Honda civic coupe all over New … Continue reading

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The countdown begins: 9

Last day of work was yesterday! Had a good amount of tables and a nice late lunch rush. Other than the fact that our floor manager promised me ice cream on my last day and forgot, it was a good … Continue reading

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